Name: Ionel
Height 5' 8"
Weight: 170 LBS
Eyes: varies depending on mood
Hair: none
Age: Roughly 18


Ionel was born in Romania in 1937 ((entered the book in 1955)). He led a fairly simple life in a mountain village with his mother, father, and little sister. Ionel learned well from his father the art of hunting and tracking game, and made carving a hobby. One day while in town with his father, Ionel took a trip to the bookstore. Sorting through the many old books there he found a strange book bound in leather. Ionels mother had told him many tales when he was a child, and this book reminded him of them. As he flipped through it he began to feel strange. The world begain to spin out of control and everything went BLACK! Awaking to the sound of people screaming and acrid fumes, he found himself in what looked like a dungeon. But this was no ordinary dungeon. Oh no. This was the dungeon of Snow White, and Ionel had become the latest "volunteer" for her torture.

Weapons and Abilities:

Through the torturous workings of Snow White, Ionels body was changed into a more animalistic form.

Heightened Senses: Like many animals, Ionels sense of sight, smell, hearing, and taste have been enhanced. Through the torturous workings of Snow White, he has made it so that Ionels eyes cannot only see in extremely low lighting, but also can see heat silhouettes like many snakes can. His hearing rivals that of any animal, allowing him to focus on a sound in the nosiest of rooms. His sense of smell enables him to track, identify, or find an individual before they are within sight. He's been known to smell blood from over 25 miles away. Ionels enhanced taste enables him to tell multiple items or foods apart at a time, and is sensitive enough to discern wether or not something is poisonous.

Skeletal Structure: Most human bone break rather easily when force is applied. After several broken legs from his continual bouncing about, Snow White strengthened his bones, increasing its over all density. As a result, Ionels bones are extremely hard to break, being able to take direct hits from swords and maces, falling down from extreme heights and hardly noticing it.

Muscle Structure: Ionel loves to run, jump, climb... basically do anything physical. After several encounters with some nasty individuals in Snow Whites Castle, and several broken bones and dislocations, Snow White reworked his musculature, making him 5 to 7 times stronger than your average man. This increase in muscle density has also allowed Ionel to be more resilient to damage, as his muscles are tightly packed together. Ionel can take direct blows from musket fire and arrows as well as melee weapons. Basically, his muscles are hardened to the point of being armored. This isn't to say he can't be hurt, just takes effort. The increased musculature is also extremely efficient, able to be worked for longer periods of time (I.e., increased endurance.) that most.

Tendons: To compliment his increased bone density and muscle strength, the tendons in Ionels body have been strengthened and tightened as well, allowing his reflexes to react and move at an instinctual level, faster than cognitive thought. Its pretty tough to lay a hand on him now. With the change in both his muscle and tendon structure, Ionel is extremely agile and athletic, putting him in a class that surpasses any Olympian in both speed, strength, and gymnastic/acrobatic abilities.

Jaws: Thanks to the reworking of muscles and tendons, not to mention his jaw being broken, Ionel now has a bite force that reaches a total of 3,000 psi! To add to this, the teeth in his mouth has been changed into razor sharp points, each tooth having micro-serrations that makes a sharks tooth look dull.

Hands: The bones of each hand have been grown out into sharp points with razorsharp serrated edges. These claws seem to also have a unique ability to flex a bit and curve like that of a cat, allowing for a hook like shape allowing him to climb. His middle finger and ring finger have been fused together, the skin stripped. These fused bones have been reworked into a long dagger like shape, the underside a blade of sorts,and the ends of which are slightly hooked. In addition to being long and dagger like, the base of the finger is jointed so that it can either lock in place or release and fold back against the top of his hand so as not to get in the way.

Legs: After having his knees reversed and his legs reshaped, Ionels legs are more like that of a cat, allowing him to jump higher and farther through increased tendon strength. His feet have also been reshaped, each of three main toes having a razor sharp talon. The entire bone structure of his inner toes have been reconfigured to that of a large raptor like dew claw. Be it for grip, defense, or attack, they are a tool tested by time itself, just ask the dinosaurs!

Back Spines: Fused into his spine, Ionel has a series of Bone spikes protruding out. These spikes like the rest of his body are razor sharp, offering both protection, and a possible weapon. Each spine is also connected to a series of tendons so that he can fold them flush to his back or stick them straight up.

Razorwire: Through means by which Ionel can't understand, Snow White has inserted long coils of Razor wire into his body. Coming out from his hands and spots on his back, he uses these wire like whips to catch, shred, and eviscerate his foes. The razor wire was forge through a unique process that has made the metal all but indestructible, and cannot be removed from his body by any means. Being that the razor wire is of a unique origin, it has varying properties, being immune to both magnetism and electricity. The wire can retract fully into Ionels body, hiding from sight, or can fly out at amazing speed at a target. How he doesn't get cut up is down right amazing...

Mind: Even though Ionel speaks in the third person, seeming rather childish and at times idiotic, don't let this visage fool you. Surprisingly intelligent for his age, Ionel is quick witted, and very perceptive to the words of others and the ways of the world. He's indeed hard to fool. Through his insanity, Ionel has gained a rather clear grasp on reality, and is beyond the influence of most attacks or tricks meant to fool the mind. He is also hard to distract when he has chosen a specific topic of conversation.

Inherent Stealth: Trough his heightened senses and abilities Ionel has become an exceptionally quiet individual when wants to be, able to lie in waiting without motion for hours if need be.