Weapons: 6 small throwing knives, 3 on each leg just inside the top of her thigh high boots, skilled with short sword/cutlass combo. Excels at firearms, VERY good pistol shot. "I can hit the fly off a drunkards ass at 500 paces wit' me eyes closed!"

Belinda's sword is of asian design. While traveling in the Orient she managed to "aquire" it for her own uses. The solid bronze Full Moon guard has a "flying goose" motif on the grip side and traditional "good fortune" patterning on the blade side, repeated on the pommel and scabbard fittings. The grip is leather-wrapped over sharkskin, which also covers the scabbard. The beauty of this ancient Chinese sword belies the fact that it is fully functional, with great inherent strength, balance, and cutting ability.

Brief History: Belinda started her life of as the daughter of a lower-middle class family. while in transit to England with her family, they were setup by pirates. In typical pirate fashion the ship was shot at, grappled, and boarded. A majority of the crew were killed in the ensuring battle, those who didn't where given a choice: Join the pirates, or be forced to work. Belinda's parents refused to join and thus... well, became forced crewmembers, duh. Belinda's father was a skilled navigator, and his loyalties were ensured at the price of his wife and daughters life.

Belinda's mother while aboard saw to the needs of the crew: Cooking, cleaning, and tending wounds. Always one to demand a clean kitchen, she eventually ran the galley on the ship. As for Belinda? Well, she most certainly wasn't allowed to work with her parents for fear one of them might try to send her away some how. Thinking it best to keep the family separated, Belinda was forced to work in the lower levels of the ship, at times on the deck as well. Cleaning, sewing, and helping with the maintenance of the ship, young miss Belinda learned the hardships of life at sea.

Ironically, Belinda though never protested. She found the rough and tumble sea life of a pirate to her liking. As a young lass on the mainland, it was hours of boredom as she was taught how to be a "fine young woman". Dresses, dances, stifling old people and there high and mighty speech... talk of ruling the new world. It all bored her. The life of a pirate brought adventure, surprise. It was an ever-changing life where no to days were ever the same. And she loved it.

In the end, Belinda and her parents, after a rough start, became members of the pirate crew, adapting well to their new life. Belinda herself became a loyal and useful member of the crew, spending much of her time focusing on the cannons and any other devise that used gunpowder. Why? Belinda enjoyed a good boom. This would prove extremely useful, as the ship was upon took her and her family to the Orient. Belinda was in awe the first time she saw the various firework displays... she had to know how they did it. She HAD too.

Thus, one night she snuck off ship, leaving her crew behind. This would prove to be one of Belinda's hardest trials. Living on the street as a woman alone wasn't easy, especially in such a male dominated place. Adapting to the local dress and learning the customs, as well as a bit of the local language, she did her best to blend in. Soon, luck would come her way as it tended to do, and she fell in with a gang of rogue thieves. Another rough start to be sure. Forced to prove herself, she was told she had to break into a local store, kill the owner as he slept in the upstairs loft, and make off with his stash o' loot (money, valuables, etc.). Steeling her resolve, she set out her plan. Late in the evening she had visited the shop as the man had his meal. Playing the part of a klutz, she knocked over a large shelf with many of his wares. Distracted and upset, Belinda played the part of "I'M SO SORRY!" and backing up to the counter, she slipped a simple, slow acting poison into the old mans food. Leaving, she later returned that night. All to easy. Finding his "cash box" if you will, she cracked it open. Rummage though the money and few pieces of jewelry, she stopped. Right there in the bottom of the box was a "recipe book". These however weren't your typical recipes, oh no. This was a "recipe book" on explosive powders. Luck with her, Belinda got the one thing she wanted her entire time.

Returning to the thieves, she handed over the loot, keeping the recipe book safely hidden on her person. Time passing, Belinda slowly translated the book, learning and memorizing all she could. Oh happy day.

Long story short, Belinda eventually left the orient, high tailing it out of there with a bang. Bouncing from ship to ship, crew to crew, proving her worth with each fire of a cannon, Belinda eventually found herself in Tortuga. Unable to find a ship to take her on, she took up short term work at one of the many taverns. Most thought a petite young girl like her wouldn't last long... she proved them more than wrong. Just ask the few gentle men short a testicle!

Other Misc. Information: Belinda likes to make things go boom. BIG. Boom. With her time traveling the east she became well earst in the use of explosive powders and the creation/mixing of them. Typically a woman wouldn't be taught such things, but on a ship, everyone works, and she ended up working with the powders!

Having spent time in the Orient, Belinda became fairly adept at hand to hand fighting, but never truly invested the time to become a "martial artist"... but she can hold her own.

In addition to this Belinda seems to have the most... uncanny luck. Just when it seemed impossible, or the end was neigh, she some how weaseled her way out. Thus, Belinda thinks that luck is always with her.