========================= TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR A.D.A.M. UNIT: TRIDIAN ===============================

Molecular Reinforced Aggregated Diamond Nanorods Armor

Composed of Molecular reinforced aggregated diamond nanorods, the armor is merged with an unknown yet extremely powerful material to create an exceedingly super dense alloy of unknown origin. When fully deployed the outer armor takes on an ablative design for maximum protection and deflection.

Aggregated diamond nanorods are one of the strongest and fortified materials known, in terms of tensile strength and elastic modulus respectively. Having a tensile strength of 491 GPa, it surpasses all known materials (diamond has a modulus of 442 GPa) in density and strength. As a comparison, high-carbon steel has a tensile strength of approximately 1.2 GPa. With the addition of an unknown material, the carbon nanotube armor has become extremely light weight and thin, but still retaining its amazing strength.

The armor is not always deployed; typically it is constrained, contained within and around the body, working together with the stealth systems. The armor can be condensed and compressed to an amazing degree. When fully condensed the Tridian unit is virtually indestructible.

Ultimate Strength (MPa)
Pounds per square inch of force tolerated (psi)
Structural steel ASTM A36 steel 400 58,015
Steel, API 5L X65 (Fikret Mert Veral) 531 77,015
Steel, high strength alloy ASTM A514 760 110,229
Steel, high tensile 1,860 269,770
Kevlar 3620 525,036
Vectran 3,095 448,891
Carbon nanotube 62,000 8,992,333
Diamond 162,000 23,496,095
Aggregated diamond nanorods 491,000 71,213,475

Characteristics of the Molecular reinforced aggregated diamond nanorods Armor Alloy

Unknown material -

Found throughout out the unit is a metal like substance of unknown origin. The properties inherent to the metal are vast and are what allows a majority of the unit's systems to do what they do. Without it, it would take a great deal more technology, power, and effort to work. It is believed that this metal is not a metal at all, but a sentient organic material of some kind.

Liquidized Crystalline Nanotech Suspension Fluid (LCNS)

Throughout Tridians systems is a blue, gel like substance. Upon close inspection of the liquid one would find very little liquid, but instead an armada of nanites of varying size and capability. For all intents and purposes this component of the unit is its blood. The nanites however, are of a unique design and unlike anything thus far seen. Each nanite is composed of the same material as the unknown element found in the armor. Each nanite appears to have a malleable body, able to reshape and reform itself as needed to accomplish a task before it. The nanites are a hive mind and slave rigged to the command core of the unit, making it impossible to be tampered with and controlled by anything else. This system also acts as a fail safe; should a nanite be removed from the shell body at anytime it instantly solidifies from it's liquid state and self deconstructs. Each nanites is given a core command to destroy itself should it be removed from the mass. This preserves not only the nanite technology, but renders the metal it is composed of useless and reducing it to slag.

The primary purpose of the LCNS is not only to control the ablative armor system, but to make the unit alive. Thanks to the unique properties and nature of the LCNS, it can quickly shift and alter the form and shape of the metal plating, allowing the armor to be condensed, reduced in size via compression and altered to work with the stealth system. The most important aspect is the ability for the unit to mimic life. The LNCS produces and creates all the necessary vital signs and traits of a living being. Additionally the LCNS acts as a rapid repair system, repairing any damage at an amazing rate. This is possible because the nanites are able to repair the body on a molecular level. It should be noted that the nanites, combined with the Molecular reinforced aggregated diamond nanorods, and the unknown material, the unit is highly resistant to molecular based attacks and manipulation.

Power Core

Composed of a highly dense Borophosphosilicate glass (BG) shaped into a cylinder, the material is capable of capturing thermal neutrons from cosmic radiation. The material is then subjected to fission - producing a gamma ray, an alpha particle, and a lithium ion. This material has been encased and melded with Magnetostrictive materials (MM) that convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy. For additional protection, the unknown elemental material has also been wrapped around the core, creating another layer of shielding. If Tridian so chooses, he can alter his power source, controlling the materials so that, for example, they are able to focus the absorbing processes so that only thermal neutrons and cosmic radiation are absorbed, while at the same time filtering out and negating gamma rays. Throughout the unitís body, run one millimeter thick strips of The BGMM material. Each strip is flat and 1 inch in width. These strips amplify the absorption processes and once charged and connected to subsequent systems, the unit become self sustaining. As energy bleeds off from the unit, be it from through specifically designed mitigation and power regulators, this same energy is then absorbed back into the system, creating a loop to further sustain the unit with energy. In effect, the system of energy is perfect, achieving perpetual motion; no energy is truly lost, nor is it misused, it is continually kept within and around the unit.

An additional advantage to this system is that it nullifies several forms of energy that could be used against the unit itself. Thermal, cosmic, radiation, and magnetic energies are all absorbed and then rechanneled back into the power system and subsequent weapons. In effect, an opponents attack is literally used against them. Due to perpetual bombardment of energies, both ambient and self created, the unit can never be depowered. It is possible for the unit to used its stored energy, again though it is near impossible for these stores to be depleted as not only will the unit continue to absorb energy, but the energy that is given off from its weapon systems could potentially be recycled as latent particles that are dispersed are taken back in.

Additionally, the Power Core is capable of reinterpreting other energy forces. The Aggregated diamond nanorods armor is an exceptional conductor of electricity, and with the unique workings of the power core combined with the weapon systems of the unit, he can absorb and rechannel energies. The armor plating is linked to the BGMM strips and being such all that energy that the unit is exposed to is shunted to the power systems where it is compressed and reinterpreted.

Due to the mass amounts of energy processed and stored, one would think that the core could be overloaded and as such result in system failure via overload, thus self destructing. Should energy levels become too high for standard mitigation and bleed off systems to handle, the system will lock down and the core will no longer absorb energy from the BGMM strips. Through application of the units shielding systems all ambient energy that is typically absorbed is negated and the unit will run on stored energy only until such time as it is safe to reabsorb said ambient energies.

It should also be noted that the core itself is highly dangerous. Although stable, outside of its core direct exposure to it can bombard the subject or any material around it with several different energy types. Should the core ever rupture resulting in detonation, a blast equivalent to 2 gigatons of TNT would ensue (the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of only 15 kilotons of TNT). The fallout and destructive effects from this explosion could potentially be enough to effect global conditions.

Travel Systems


To maximize power usage and output, the Unit has been equipped with an antigravity projector. This antigravity projector is stored in the core of the construct and negates gravitational effects within a maximum of a 20 foot radius of the unit allowing for faster flight. Forward motion is achieved by Pulse detonation thruster system that utilizes the breakdown of energy as opposed to deflagration of fuels, or the rapid but subsonic combustion of fuel. This system surpasses even standard PDE systems as it requires no combustible fuel/air mixtures. For refined control pressurized air channels infused with kinetic energy run through out the outer casing of the unit allows for multi-vector control. Each out gassing of kinetic air pressure allows for quick directional change as if in a zero G environment. This is ideal for atmospheric flight. IN a vacuum, control is added by the expulsion of rapidly destroyed ion particles that are expelled via the same kinetic air system. Both variations of thrust are possible as force is applied to the unitís structure to force rotation in its zero G pocket, thereby pushing it along.

An additional benefit to the antigravity system is that it can also be utilized as a defensive shield. When the field is expanded to maximum diameter it creates a nullifying effect on anything within it. Any and all gravity based assaults are neutralized and opponents inside the field are rendered helpless, immobile, unless they find an alternative means of motion (pushing off of other objects, personal mobility that generates some form of thrust, etc.). Through manipulation of the gravity system it can also be used as an offensive weapon which is detailed below.

Teleportation -

Like all A.D.A.M Units, Tridian is capable of teleporting himself and others over vast distances. thanks to the addition of Sentinel and Askani technology, the unit is able to cross time as well (This is done in a limited capacity as a potential change in the time steam could alter the future and result in the destruction of the unit itself).

Shielding and Weapon Systems

Shield systems

Zero Point Energy Shield System - Assists flight system by creating repulsive effects in quantum fields. The primary role of the zero point energy shield, or ZPES, is to neutralize incoming attacks by canceling them out, or reducing there energy to a zeroed state.

Stealth Systems

Through the use of the armor system combined with the LCNS, the unit can take on a human appearance, be it any shape, size, or gender. The nanites give off false bio readings, can produce the necessary chemicals a natural human body produces, and obscures other sensors from detecting it. The stealth system gives off false heat readings, interferes with scanning and detection units. The system is also capable of interpreting what scans it to quickly determine an appropriate countermeasure to counteract said scanner.

Weapon Systems

Vacuum Energy Manipulation

The primary design and goal of all A.D.A.M Units is the neutralization of all weapons of war and to keep the peace. After analyzing its target, the A.D.A.M. unit could then use its ability to dampen and project the neccessary energy to neutralize any threats, turning advanced weapons useless and killing any potentially dangerous humans or life forms, reducing both to nothing. This is done by the manipulation of Vacuum energy, an underlying background energy that exists in space even when devoid of matter (known as free space). The vacuum energy results in the existence of all of the fundamental forces (gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction), forces that govern and control all interactions. It has never been fully explained how the Tridian A.D.A.M. unit is able to manipulate this energy force. Speculation points to the possible use of a Celestial based technology.

Gravity weapon

Utilizing the anti-gravity system, the unit can condense and control its gravity field and create graviton bursts. These burst are very similar to concussive blasts as it moves objects. At the same time, the unit can also create localized gravity fields to move, lockdown, or even damage objects with extreme gravitational effects. This system is augmented by the manipulation of Vacuum energy.

Energy manipulation

Due to the unique systems that power the unit and the ability to manipulate Vacuum energy, Tridian is able to manipulate a potentially unlimited number of energy fields and sources.

Logic Core

Scanning and detection systems

Like all previous A.D.A.M. and Sentinel units, Tridian is capable of determining a person or objects capabilities, purpose and potential. As an advanced A.D.A.M unit, Tridian is able to formulate a necessary response to deter, defeat, or destroy any threat before it. Tridians sensors can penetrate through most materials and can defeat any system designed to interfere with his scanners. When combined with his temporal units, Tridian can see ahead into the time stream and determine potential outcomes of the events before him, thus handling the situation as necessary to preserve the timeline... or to get a one up on his opponent.

Central intelligence

A techno organic wonder, the main logic core of the unit is capable of processing vast amounts of information at phenomenal rates. Initially the Tridian A.D.A.M. Unit was programmed to do only as commanded by its creators and those it was under the command of. However, when the unit was activated and the LCNS system went online, the unknown material entered the "brain" and created an energized cascading effect. Within seconds the A.D.A.M unit gained full sentience, rewriting its code and even recreating its very hardware. The initial core programming of the Tridian A.D.A.M. Unit was written in a variation of the Askani language, and with the rewriting/programming by the LCNS, the code that is Tridian is all but an entirely new language with no known translation.

The core itself is a unique blend of techno-organic and Askani technology severely upgraded and altered by the LCNS. The unit can process up to 10 Exabyteís of information in less than a minute. This is due to not only the advanced techno-organic "brain" that Tridian has, but is further augmented by the LCNS. Tridians entire body is basically one giant processor. It is no surprise that Tridian is extremely capable of hacking, controlling, and controlling other machines. It is virtually impossible to hack into Tridian and his systems as well due to the internal security systems, advanced programming, and rapid speed of processing. His "brain" operates on a high level of quantum mechanics never before seen.