Sonic Armor

Technical Specifications:
Armor is composed of both forms of vibranium, Wakandan and Antarctic. The armor grants Trisha new abilities:

Wakandan Vibranium enhancements:

Armor possesses the ability to absorb all vibrations in the vicinity(amplification of Trisha's natural ability) as well as kinetic energy directed at it. The energy absorbed is stored within the bonds between the molecules that make the substance up. As a result the more energy Vibranium absorbs the tougher it becomes.

Antarctic Vibranium enhancements:

Unlike Wakandan vibranium, Antarctic vibranium produces vibrations instead of absorbing it. These vibrations produce a specific wavelength that breaks down the molecular bonds in other metals resulting in their liquification. This effect extends to the otherwise indestructible metal known as Adamantium. Through this Trisha has refined control of her power and her ability to effect objects, in this case metals.