Skills: Jesse has one of the most alluring struts in the world, is an expert at the art of seduction, and has a keen fashion sense. She is a cunning business woman. It is likely she has the most intimate understanding of sexual relationships in the world due to her unique physiology.

Powers: Jesse has a form of bio-kinesis that allows fine control of her own body. She can control her own body at the molecular level for a variety of effects. She has reached peak human in all fields do to her manipulations and further has a small degree of enhanced healing by consciously directing her body to heal wounds in the most efficient manner. She has been known to exude pheromones capable of attracting both sexes. She is able to stimulate the actions of her glands, enabling her to secrete as much of any type of chemical occurring in her body as she wants to. Under these effects she has shown the ability to perform extreme feats that are beyond most humans (Able to lift a car, etc). While she can effect the secretion of chemicals she can also help purge these chemicals from her system. She , however, is not able to purge synthetic toxins and other drugs from her system currently. Originally Jesse was capable of switching between a male and female body, now she has gained a third androgynous body as well as being able to alter the apparent age of any of her forms among other traits. It is assumed she is capable shunting bodily mass into an unknown dimension to make extreme changes in amounts of bodily tissue. Further Jesse can chance things about her appearance at will, from body and face shape to eye and hair color, to bust size.

Equipment/Paraphernalia: As a world famous model and business executive Jesse sometimes travels with two well built body guards. Both ex-military. Having rather large resources at her disposal she is capable of buying just about whatever she could want. She wears a ring that she uses to send signals to them, this uses a band slipping on the larger band of the ring to send signals at set positions.

Bio: A California girl originally, Jesse was born as a boy. That lasted into his teenage years when his body first began shifting into that of a female. He was saved off of the roof of his house by the mutant Domino when rioters came to cause trouble. Taken to the Xavier Institute for the Gifted he quickly became she, Jesse's preferred form. There was a conflict inside Jesse stemming from a split personality. Under the guidance of Emma Frost she was able to break the holds of her split personality and become one complete person. It was During this time she would meet long time crush and best friend Alexia J Demire. She stayed on at the mansion for another two years as Emma's pet project, being groomed to be part of the business elite, till she turned eighteen and ventured out into the real world, taking her best friend Alexia Demire with her. The two got an apartment in the city where they lived together for a year. Jesse was quickly signed on as an amateur model for a prevalent modeling agency soon after she moved out.

Tragedy stuck when their apartment building burned down while Jesse was away on a photo shoot. The building burned to the ground and she was soon after informed that Alexia was inside and they couldn't find her body. Hurt by the loss of her best friend and long time crush she fled and moved in with her boss to escape and further her career, which she dove head first into. She rose to the top using her wiles and what her mentor had taught her about the business world Alexia always at the back of her mind with the regrets she had about never expressing how she felt.

A measly few years latter she was running her own business quite successfully and in competition with her previous employers who she would over the years buy out. She has a reputation for being the woman who never ages and has been accused time and time again of having plastic surgery. No one has ever been able to prove any such allegations as she has indeed never had to go under the knife. She was even so bold as to recently be inspected by prominent surgeons evidence of such a procedure. The tabloids were shocked when they couldn't find any.

Jesse never completely got over the loss of Alexia and as such has forgone anything other then relationships related to her career, and always with a male. While it seems that she has completely moved on she never truly did and has yet to learn the truth about the death of Alexia.

Character Stats:

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