Name: Stefan Holmequist

A.K.A.: Chimera

Age: 14

Power: Chimeras DNA is virtually blank, unwritten. Only a small portion has enough code to give him a human appearance. Upon contact with another animal, he can absorb a piece of their genetic code, allowing him to morph his body to take on all the characteristics of that animal. His appearance will not be identical. These absorbed genetic codes are stored in his body for later use. Secondary to this, he can mix several genetic codes together to create an amalgamation, a Chimera, of animal parts. The range of this is virtually unlimited, creating mass combinations.

Chimera can also absorb the genetic material of humans, allowing him to take on a different ethnic appearance, as well as sexual (physical) orientation. There has been no evidence if he can assimilate mutant abilities into his body. So far all results have proven negative.

Stefan possess


Joe average, not much to say about him. At the age of 14 he was playing with his pet ferret, when it scratched him and then licked the wound. Normally, one would think nothing of this, as this is typical of most animal behavior. But, unknown to him, was that this triggered his first mutation. As the ferret licked his hand, he assimilated its DNA, and thus came his first transformation… into a ferret. Possessing all his human intelligence and thoughts, he had no clue what to do, and he was tossed out of his house by his mother. Eventually, while out foraging, he came across Youngling. In her zealousness and love for all things small and furry, she captured him, and made him her pet… unknowing that he was in fact a mutant.

Animal DNA absorbed:

North American Fox, Ferret, Black Bear, Salmon, Hare, Osprey, Tiger Salamander, mouse, deer, Peregrine Falcon, Eastern Cougar, Bog Turtle, Human female