Name: Ionel

Age: 100


A gardener of the shadowrealm, he was a young one, only 100 years old... still a child. And then a freak accident pulled him into the real world!


A mischevious little bugger, would rather tie your shoelaces together or watch you fall through your shadow and end up in a puddle of water then do anything else.


Night boost- Gains a boost strength and abilities by being in darkness.

Night vision- can see in total darkness

Weakness to light- Natural light weakens all abilities greatly, limiting reach and mobility

Retreat- should a light source be to powerful, the shadow creature will automatically revert to particle form and flee to the darkest area available. If there is none, the shadow creature is reduced to a virtually non-existant form, and litteral POOFS away, and will take a great deal of time to recover.

Shadowless- has no shadow in natural light.

Auraless- has no detectable aura as creature is not of this realm, nor should be.

Blind- The mind of the shadow creature is unlike anything in this world, and is virtually blind to psychics; basically creates a shadow to the vision of a psychic, a blind spot in their vision that shouldn't be there.

Cold- body of the shadow creature is always cold to the touch.

Formless- being composed of shadows, the shadow creature has no true physical body, thus is uneffected by most attacks; I.E. melee weapons, projectile weapons, most energy attacks. Attacks that have effect are those that can disrupt shadows... primarily those with light.


Particle form- can transform body into a cold, black cloud, allowing for flight, increase speed, ability to enter into exceptionally small spaces, and pass through materials. However being a shadow fcreature, can also interact with thing in this form, bumping into them and such.

Shadow body- Can reduce self to an actual shadow, walking along any surface, much like an actual shadow does, merging with other shadows.

Shadow blades- can create melee weapons from basically nothing. Each weapon is black, as it is composed of shadows, and when touched to the flesh of a living person, has a feeling of cold to it.

Shadow Walk- A form of teleportation, can enter into any shadow and exit form another. Should a shadow be large enough, can also take a person(s) or object with them into the shadow and exit through another. If the additional person or object is let go, they will instantly be deposited intot he natural world through the nearest, and lagest shadow available.

Shadow mimic- can mimic the form of any animal or its shadow... basically shape shifting. However, each form is an all black being with red eyes. This creates many varying level of strength and speed.

Dark Tendrils- Appearing like snakes or tenticles, these extentions reach out from the casters body, the ends of which are mouth with teeth... so yeah, a snake. Can inflict wounds, grab a person, etc. Also act as a kind of whip.

Nightshroud- At night, with inherent bonus, can convert/cover any area with artificial light with darkness. The nightshroud also lessens the natural senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell which creates a very disorienting effect. In daylight creates a small, dome like shape, covering an area in darkess. A temporary structure that continually shrinks with the exposure to light.

Shadow ball- similiar to tendrils, shadow creature creates a ball of dense shadow, and throws it forward very quickly, and after strking it returns to the shadow creature. Ball can vary insize from a ping-pong ball, up to 3 feet in diameter.

Hidden Interaction- Can interact with the shadow of another being, causing harm. Although this seems dangerous, if attacked individual focuses, they can pull shadow creature from his hidden state. Basically, shadow creature is invisible and untouchable, but in this state casts a shadow. If one were to close there eyes, not use there senses, they can interact with the creature to defend themselves.