• Name: Jayden Armstrong
  • Code Name: n/a
  • Age: 16 year
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair: Dirty blonde
  • Skin color: Caucasian
  • Eyes: Green

History: Jayden was born in Sacramento, California to Jonothan and Tina, not the best of parents. His parents where the type that wanted absolute perfection in all things. Including their son. School grades had to be the best. If his manners weren't just right, again punishment. Clothes folded neat and perfect and Jayden's room the shining example of prestine neatness. Sports, if he didn't make the cut, he was grounded and punished. Sadly though, when Jayden failed to please his parents at anything he was punished, and these punishments tended to be beatings. His father would drag him down into their basement and chaining Jayden's wrist to the wall he'd cane his son till he was near unconcious. And even then, what weakness he showed only infuriated his father further. It was no surprise that when it was discovered that Jayden was a mutant this only enraged his parents. They believed that his mutation was his fault, and that he contaminated the family bloodline, ruined it and condemed it.

Removing him from school under the guise of being home schooled, Jayden was locked away in his parents basement for a time, not allowed to leave the home for fear of what others would think. This in and of itself was cruel given Jaydens claustrophobia. Trapped in a cold dark place Jayden panicked and activing his power on instinct he generated his first full frictional forcefield about himself. Frantically he began running around the basement at a hyper pace, running into objects continually. Within moments, perhaps a few minutes, the continued collision of the friction field upon the various items in the basement caused them to heat up, and in some cases catch fire. This only sent Jayden into a further panic. Bolting up the basement stairs he crashed through the door and breaking it down he ran blindly away from his parents house. Now he spends his days on the street, moving from place to place in the hopes his parents never find him again... assuming of course the house didn't burn down with them in it.