Name: Unknown


Age: Inapplicable


History: It all started with a battle. The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Dracula, Rachel Summers, and Ewan MacLoud attempted to stop the rampage of 4 cybernetic life froms from destroying New York City. Each droid was differnent. The first could absorb all manner of object, be it flesh or metal. The second could absorb the earth itself. The third, capable of pulling energy to itself. The fourth could project energy pulses at a phenominal rate. They each had a name. Metal, Stone, Spark, and Pulse.

Ewan MacLoud took out the first. Spider-Man having felled Pulse, allowed Ewan to use his powers... taking the molecules that were Pulse and scattered them to the wind. But to his horror, the machine was not truly a machine, but a child. A chaild enslaved, its powers being used against its will.

As the battle continued, the three remaining droids began to grow, change. Metal absorbed a building, become a monstrious construct. Stone too, having dug deep in the earth, arose, equally as powerful. Finally, Spark, having absorbed a mass amount of electricty from the city's energy grid, arose in the air as a giant ball of power, throwing electricity at the heroes.

The battle raged, the heroes fought valiantly. Dracula, Johnny Storm, and Rachel Summers took on Metal, and in the end the beast fell, reduced to a pile of molten slag bu Johnny's Super Nova. Sadly, his efforts where in vain, for the child within was burned to death, a chard skeleton mixed with metal all that remained. Stone, in effort to protect Spark, met with Ewan MacLoud. One by one Ewan took apart it's molecules, weary of the potential child within. Soon enough, Stone weakened, to much of its essence torn apart, the last few pieces of it falling to the earth... only to crush the child within. Sue Storm, the Inivisble Woman, contained Spark within a bubble of invisibilty, straining her powers. On orders from Dr. Richards, Spider-Man tore open a fire hydrant, and directed the water at Reed, who then channeled it into the bubble. With an axplosion of energy, Spark began to short out. But the feed back of energy was great, and the shorting out painful, and the child that was the core of Spark was burned up, nothing more than a chard skeleton left.

Feeling cheated, the heroes dispersed.

But unbeknownst to them, something survived. From Metal, a single metal tendril fused perfectly with human tissue. Stone... a mechical component joined with earth and flesh. And finally, safely preseved, the eye from the core of Sparks. All three pieces came together, melding as one entity. And reforming themselves into something not of this world, not truly. But they were not compete. No, there wasn't enough. Fate would provide the needs for Evolution to continue. A woman, no more than 17 jogged by the outskirts of the battlefield from the night before. Seizing the opportunity, Evolution lauched itself. And in what could only be described as horror, the young woman was consumed alive, her mind over taken, becoming one with Evolution, advancing it. Rising up in the predawn light, what can only be desrcibed as horrific rises up... an amalgamation of flesh, earth, and metal. One eye glowing, the construct stands silent. The single eye flairs, the body glowing... and it vanishes.


Powers and Abilities:

- Uncalculable absorption of matter: Earth, metals, flesh, energy.

- Able to add to existing mass by means of absorption.

- Able to re-order, rearrange, and transform absorbed materials.

- Able to increase density at will by condensing of absorbed mass.

- Extreme healing and repair capabilities.

- Capable of processesing mass data at an accelerated rate.

- Extreme damage threshold .

- Variable strength levels, maximum level unknown.

- Extreme speed, maximum level unknown.

- Energy based attacks of varying levels.

- Ability to absorb material into self and re-use. This includes mutant abilities.

- Teleportation