Name: Shayla

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Age: 20

Race: Human

Physical Description: Dark brown eyes(not that it matters), dark brown hair, 5'2", 100 lbs, slender build, caucasian, cane

Skills and Mutant Abiltity:

As Shaylas brain began its initial growth development in the womb, it split, one half developing into a regular, functional brain, while the second half, slightly smaller,became a specialized organ that could detect varying waves of energy. With this organ, she can see nearly anything: Lightwaves, Ultraviolet light, infrared, sound waves, various energy emmissions, psychic energy, electrical discharges, etc., in a wide variety of ranges and frequencies. Using this she can create images in her mind of amazing complexity, letting her see amazing amounts of detail, gather information, even through objects. This can be done by means of projecting the same waves that she receives. Using this organ, she can create complex 3D models in her mind of any subject or object around her, knowing precise distances, sizes, etc. These waves do not interfere with anything. This has allowed her to become extremely adept at mathmatics and physics, as well as biology.

However, Shayla can only see one type of "vision" at a time. She has to concentrate and have the organ switch so to speak to be able to detect or see something else. If the organ is bombarded with enough of one kind of energy form, she will know what it is there, and be able to switch to it with much greater ease.

It is speculated that this organ can literally see ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. The reason for this speculation is that the more she is exposed to one type of emmision, the more sensitive it becomes to it.


Character Background:

Born in Ajaccio, Corsica, an island politically owned by France to a fairly well off family, Shayla slowly went blind as she grew... even though she never knew it. As the organ in her head developed, it was used more by her, all be it on a sub-concious level. Beeing able to see in greater detail than most, Shayla unknowingly neglected her natural vision, and slowly lost all sight. Initially, this was no problem, as her eyes would balance out the effects of the oprgan. But, once her vision died away, she developed a case of insomnia. The organ would continually receive input from one source or another, keeping her mind and "vision" active at all times. Eyelids closed or not, she could always see. Disturbed by this, her parents took her to a doctor, to have her tested. As the doctor performed a standard eye exam, he noticed no reaction from her eyes, no contract to the iris, nor did her eyes move when told to follow an item, despite her insistance that she could see perfectly. Unsure of this, more tests were ordered, including x-rays. As these x-rays weree taken, Saylas own attention shifted, noticing things on the other side of walls(this was due to the ability to now see x-ray emissions from multiple sources). Upon review of an x-ray of her head, the doctors noted that the optic nerve had all but whithered, the cones and rods in hers rendered inert. The doctors were baffled, unsure of how she could guide herself around and avoid objects with such ease. Ordering more tests, a CAT scan of her head revealed the abnormally shaped organ in the front of her head. At the same time, this furthered her abililty to see in the x-ray spectrum. The doctors became alarmed by this, thinking it a rogue tumor that would engulf her brain and kill her, despite her protests that she was fine, and showed no sight of weakness in any of the areas the "tumor" touched. After much concideration and further tests, it was decided that the "tumor" was benign, yet still posed a risk to her. Shayla was then given two options: 1)Remove the "tumor", and suffer extensive brain damage, or 2) leave it in and pray. Not one to give up, she opted to keep the tumor.

Several years passed, and Shayla had no change in her condition, the only difference was that her parents requested that she keep a cane with her should anyone ask why her eyes were always covered, using the excuse that she was fine. While on vacation in New York City, she witnessed a battle between two superpowered beings. As she watched the battle, she realized she could see there powers differently. One of the two had the ability to generate massive amounts of electricity. Although no one else could see it, she could see the electrical energy gathering around his body whenever he was preparing for an attack. The same went for the other indevidual, who's body would absorb mass amounts of solar energy to power up. Being exposed to solar radiation on a daily basis, Sayla could see the energy streaming to him. It was at this point that she realized she was different... and most likely a mutant. Upon researching, she came across Xaviers School for the Gifted. Her interest peaked, she enrolled in the school, hoping to learn more about her powers and what she was capable of seeing and doing.

Visible Spectrums (what she sees in and can see):

  • X-ray

  • Sonar

  • Echo location

  • Telepathic emissions

  • Temporal distortions

  • Dimensional Distortions

  • Bio-electric/electrical discharge

  • Sound waves of varying intensity

  • Ultra-violet

  • Infrared