Name: ???

Age: ???

Affiliaton: None

Physical Description: 5'8", athletic build, dirty blonde


Later.... you'll see it later...

all that can be said is that Dr. Doom made him and let me out...

Powers and Abilities:

Like Venom and Carnage, the sybiote is composed of tough, flexible fibers of organic polymers which have the ability to mimic any type of clothing whatsoever and provide the wearer with nearly limitless pocket-storage. It also has a limited capability to change the wearer's appearance and it dampens Spider-Man's "spider-sense", making KnightHawk undetectable to Spider-Man until they are in his direct sight. Thanks to the tinkering of Doom, the symbiote has no genetic memory, not a single thought in regards to who birthed it, nor to the past goals of the others. Ironically, this has given this symbiote a clean slate, and when merged with another, there is a perfect blending with the host, the proverbial "we" not there.

As is common with all the symbiotes, it grants the host extreme strength, speed, and agility, healing, as well as the ability to stick to walls and shoot a mimic version of webbing in any direction from its body. This version has become stronger then the rest, with varying abilities unique to itself.

1) Stealth: Not only is the symbiote invisible to Spider-Man, but it also invisible to the senses of the other symbiotes as well. It also renders itself invisible to regular senses (sight: absorbs light and bends it around it, smell: contains all scents, hearing... this one being the hardest to mask, just gotta move slow and careful, the symbiote padding the surface it is on). The only exception is that when in this cameoflaged mode, if touched, the part that is touched will become visible as it has the symbiote has been disturbed. All though inconclusive, there is an extremely high chance that the symbiote has learned to mask the hosts psychic signature, adding to its hidden nature.

3) Camoflage: Through subtle manipulation of its own tissue, the symbiote seems to bend light enough to become invisible to the naked eye and visual sensors(or it absorbs it... either way, its hidden). Thermal based technology is not as effective as the symbiote cools its outside, masking the hosts heat. When physically "invisible" the only way to detect the symbiote is by touch. By disturbing the symbiote, it moves ever so slightly, thus braking its camoflage in that area, making it temporarily visible. In this mode, he is invisible to all senses.

4) Weapons: Like Carnage, the symbiote can generate a variety of blade like weapons from its body. Through its changed evolution, the symbiote has "refined" Cassidy's technique to create stronger, more durable weapons. These weapons posses the ability to pierce steal and rend most metals, however denser metals prove a problem. In addition to this, the symbiote can create spike like missle projectiles that are totally seperate of the living symbiote itself. The composition of the spike are similiar to bone.

5) Experimentation: This symbiote was last in the possession of Dr. Doom, and it is highly possible that he has experimented on it, either enhancing it, or altering its genetic structure to fit his needs... this may be good... or very very bad. One possible side effect to this is an near immunity to fire now, and a higher tolerance to sonic weapons. At the same time, all though doubtful, this may also be a side effect of its evolution.