Name: Tyrell Hawking

Codename: Cold Touch

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Age: 26

Weight: 170 lbs. With suit: 400 lbs.

Race: Human

Physical Description: Skin Color: Black, 6'5", semi-muscular build.


Adopted at the age of 3 by Dr. Michael Hawking and his wife Jeanne, Tyrell was fortunate to live a good life. As it was for many children, Tyrrell went through elementary school and middle school, getting a fine education. You could say he had it all: parents who cared, a home, a good education, and a circle of friends who enjoyed his company. Sadly, Tyrell wouldn’t continue leading this great life. At the age of 16, he was out with his friends, playing a game of football. During the game, a heated argument began between Tyrell and someone of the opposite team. Tempers flared, and the fists began to fly. Fired up, Ty’s powers final activated from the rush of adrenaline. Within a matter of seconds, the enter group and the field around them flash froze, a massive cold field emanated from his body. He passed out from the sudden burst. Eventually he awoke and becoming shocked and frightened by this, so Ty ran. He knew his parents would never accept this. They supported the anti-mutant movement, and how do you explain freezing all your friends!? His power going dormant for a while, he ran north to Canada, as many have done before him; he didn’t know that his friends had survived, there bodies had gone into perfect stasis, it didn’t matter though to him. But the incident back home was one of many, and it progressively got worse. With each day his endurance and strength seemed to increase, his need for food, sleep, and general sustenance lessened. And most alarmingly, the temperature of his body began to drop drastically. And with each passing day, his body gave off an ever-expanding cold field. Eventually, Ty got far enough north, no longer needing food, and away from all life. All he found and knew was snow and cold now… and he couldn’t feel any of it.

Alone, bewildered, and utterly frightened, he doubted even death would help him. Not long after, none other than Dr. Doom approached him. He stood there with an aura of determination and confidence, and a lack of fear of Ty. Dooms words, as calm as they were, seemed to hold an untold hope for Ty. Doom could help him, make it possible for Ty to live amongst people again, teach him how to control his gift… in exchange for a small token of service. What did he have to lose? So Ty accepted his offer, and entered into the service of Dr. Doom. That was 18 years ago….


Tyrells body generates a continual cold field, flash freezing anything and everything around, bringing the temperture down to below –400 degrees, absolute zero… and the longer the exposure, the temperature will continue to drop. To touch Tyrell is basically suicide, his body literally transferring the intense cold to the contacting body. This level of exposure will produce death instead of stasis. With careful focus he can direct his field in different directions, creating blasts and becoming more target specific. However, this is hard as his whole body generates this field.

Due to his mutation, Tyrells body, right down to the molecular level, has taken on a crystalline composition, turning him into a virtual walking crystal, albeit different. This composition, combined with the extreme cold, has made him tireless. This unique physical structure also allows him to survive at absolute zero. His metabolism operates at such a low level that he can go for months without any need for rest. Being so cold, he is also immune to disease. Feeling no pain or stress either, his strength and stamina have excelled to peak human and continues to progress with each day. In addition, due to his trauma in the past and the training from Doom, Tyrells mind is as hard as ice, giving him a defense to psychics. This defense can be broken, it merely gives him the chance to fight longer and harder.

The most unique thing about his power is how it is projected. When released, it is a stream or ball of energy, not a torrent of frost or snow. This energy stream is immune to fire and heat, and if it contacts heat or fire, it extinguishes the flame. Upon contact it creates frozen like results in varying intensities depending on how much energy Tyrell uses. He can control this energy burst by basically stopping its motion so that he can make ice formations.

Doom crafted a specialized suit/armor that contains this cold field, preventing exposure to everything around Tyrell. The armor itself is extremely durable, crafted from a combination of titanium and carbodium; these two metals missed make his armor as strong as admantium. Thanks to the suits design and his cold field, the armor is immune to fire. Within the suits mechanisms are augmenters that increase Tyrells strength and speed, making him more efficient. Built into the palms of each armored hand are sets of iris’s that open up and allow Ty to project his cold blasts. Thanks to the suit, his cold field is now focused, allowing for these blasts to be much stronger, and forceful, being able to move objects with ease.. He can now vary the intensity of the cold, creating blanket chills, form ice like structures, freeze materials and/or objects, flash freeze things.