Name: Merrick Falshion

Age: 300

Affiliation: Jedi Knight

Race: Gen'Dai

Physical Description:

6'3, Medium, muscular build, green lightsaber, the blade of which is rather long, pouch and bandelier. Master of Soresu and Makashi Saber styles, advanced in Atura. Well trained in many forms of weapons, ships (both repair and ability to fly), and various other technologies. Borderline Jedi Ace. Very fast, strong and agile.


Gen'Dai, a seemingly immortal race, their unique nervous and circulatory systems enable them to be extremely resistant to any physical injury. Lacking the vulnerable vital organs of most races, Gen'Dai can take various injuries and even complete dismemberment, only to survive. But if a Gen'Dai takes too many injuries, they under go an extended period of hibernation, where they can regenerate. By nature, the Gen'Dai are mostly a non-aggressive race. They are rarely seen as their homeworld was lost for ages. But while immortal, the Gen'Dai minds can weaken with age, making them vulnerable to various mental diseases. Furthermore, should a Gen'Dai lose a limb or have any part of their anatomy separated from their body, they could reattach the extremity thanks to their musculature makeup. A Gen'Dai's body contained independent muscles, linked through the nervous system. Thus, the being could extrude knots of muscles as secondary limbs, and link together separated body parts. Some Gen'Dai have used this ability to increase there overall mass and overwhelm there opponents.

Like many of his race, Merrick keeps there existance a secret, preferring to keep there limited numbers hidden from the galaxy. Discovered while young by a Jedi Knight that he was sensitive to the force, he was taken to the temple and trained like so many others. Passing all his tests, he ascended to the rank of Knight. However, the council was always weary of Merrick. His unique physiology made him slightly over confident, and causes him to take many risks. This has prevented him from receiving missions, as they fear the "collateral" damage he may cause. Merrick has no problem using the force to his advantage in a battle, regardless of how he uses it. The council sees this as threat, thinking Merrick walks dangerously close to the darkside... but for some reason, he never crosses over.