Lenix Crois

Age: 25

Species: Firrereo/Zeltron

Appereance: 5'6", 140 lbs, caucasian, Medium build, hair has 3 colors: Dark brown, Light red, blonde(Firrerreo trait). Extreme Force user, prefers to use it over any other weapon or ability. Empathic, pheromone projection.


His father a Firrerreo, his mother a Zeltron, Lenix is extrememly empathic (Zeltron trait). This helped him greatly as he trained with the Jedi.

Lenix led a simple life, and coming to the Jedi temple he excelled quickly. Lenix is an exceptional force user, having remarkable control over it. If given the choice, that is all he would use. He is willing to die for whatever cause he deems worthy. This will bites him in the ass. During a battle with the assassin Assain, he lost and was captured while trying to save a young girl.