Name: Capt. Jack Savage

Age: 53

Affiliation: Space Pirate

Appearence and abilities:

Bandolier with various pouches, twin blasters, Energy Saber (similiar to a light saber, but the core is made of lightweight durasteel), vibro-knife (8" blade), Cybernetic eye allowing for sight in extreme dark and can see heat signitures. Cybernetic leg and arm. Hand of arm can be switched out, allowing for tool attachments for workand varios other fun stuff.

Typical rough, gruff pirate, dark hair, and scruffy lookin.

Highly intelligent and an extremely good mechanic, can repair just about anything. If he doesn't know it, give him a few minutes alone with it and he will tell you everything about it! His key to this is his connection with the Force. Savage is a force adapt, seeing things different than most, and at times seeming to have a kind of intuition about things. This is seen a great deal in his battle strategies, quick decisions, and dealings with others. Savage himself doesn't relize he has this gift, he just attributes it all to luck. He can fix anything and everything ta boot!


Not much to say about him. He grew up learning the hard way, moving through the star systems with his father, who later died in battle and Jack took his place. Most known for hijacking and robbing luxury cruisers and freighters, Savage stays away from major star ports and petty thievery, keeping to the large haul. Commanding the ship "Sirens Doom" and a fleet of commandeered vessels, Savage travels the lanes robbing abd plundering as needed.

But that isn't all Savage is up to. He's not afraid to do mercinary work, the occasional assassination, or join sides with some one else.... assuming the price is right. He also fancies himself a weapons dealer, selling what he acquires, even custom making weapons for his clients, and he's damn good at it too. You need it, he can get it!

The Ships of Capt. Savage:

Syrens Doom:

Savages Flagship, the Syrens Doom is notorious throughout the Pirate community. Its known for its heavy armor, lighting fast attacks, amazing maneuverablity and heavy artillery. Only the rare and talented few have managed to escape its grasp!

Syrens Call:

The sister ship to the Syrens Doom this was Capt. Savages first ship he ever commanded and the one that belonged to his father. Retired now, he holds her in a secret place should he ever need her. Fast, manevuerable and well armed, she's just as much a force to be reconed with as any other.

The Basalisk:

Armed and manned to the teeth, the Basalisk is the front line attacker and muscle in Capt. Savages fleet. Savage in battle, shes quick and strong like her name sake, many are paralyzed in fear at the very site of her. Carrying a wide array of weaponry, stay your distance, or feel its bite!

The Bounty

The work horse of the fleet, the Bounty is the backbone. Carrying fighers and supplies, she supports the group from afar. To add to this, her enormous size and large bays also make her the ideal repair ship and hold for anything Capt. Savage "aquires" on his journeys. Compared to the rest, she might as well be a small moon she's so big.

Olde Maid:

The tug of the fleet. You need it moved, she's the one to do it. Think armor and strong grasping units make her ideal for pullin' and pushin'.