Name: Edmond Drake

Age: 45

Race: Human (Corellian)

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter/Freelance Agent

Description: 6'4" 220 lbs, scruffy lookin'. Average, muscular build, but very strong and fast. A master of disguise, infiltration, espionage and subterfuge. Extremely intelligent, trained in battle tactics, chemical/biological and conventional warfare as well as hand to hand combat and communications.


IMPORTANT!! It should be noted that Edmond DOES NOT carry all these weapons at all times.
Being a Bounty Hunter he has a wide variety of tools, and picks what is neccessary for each job... not to mention that he's not a walking supply store!

Facial Generation: using specialized equipemet, Edmond can create a perfect mask that looks likes any person. The mask itself is composed of organic compounds, mimicing the feel and sensation of flesh. The only draw back is that these masks dissolve after 4 hours of use before a new one is required. Typically, Edmond will carry a second mask with him, this one contained with a special container that puts the mask in a state of suspended animation.

Acention Gun: Much like Batman, Edmond utilizes a small, handheld device that can fire a harpoon end attached to a long length of cable. This is used for repelling, climbing, or snagging the occasional foe.

Sonic Disk: A small hand held attachment that can generate varying levels of sound, from a small hum to ear drum popping squeels. Depending on the modulation and frequency settings of this weapon, it can also have varying effects on a persons nervous system, inducing sleep, hypnosis, paranoia, etc. These effects will vary as each person reacts different to sound. Should he match the sound frequency to the frequency of a persons nervous system, he will be able to cause extreme damage to there body, regardless of what measures they take to protect themself. It should be noted that finding this frequency is hard, requiring a gathering of medical data, scanning and a bit of luck. On a higher setting, this weapon can generate a decent sonic blast, causing bruising or breaks, the result depending upon the persons resilence and strength. Can also be used to force/move small objects, this is very limited. Currently, he is trying to find away to deliver a sonic pulse that can dissable a person immediately, rendering them unconcious, regardless of the fore mentining of the nervous system.

Energy Shield: A small (small being the size of the back of his hand) disk attached to the back of his hand can generate an energy shield. This shield operates much like a lightsaber. The energy is expelled from the device then returns on a feedback loop. A defensive weapon, it can not cut through material like a lightsaber can. Drawback: sucks up a lot of energy, strikes upon the shield of any kind deplete its power rapidly. Typically, it can protect against several lightsaber strikes before dieing out. Attached to a larger power source, it can operate longer.

Body Armor: Utilizing multiple laters, Edmond wears a suit of armor consisting of back, shoulder, chest, abdominal, thighs, lower legs, and upper arms pieces. The armor is light weight and durable. Offers some protection against attacks. Internally, the armor is designed to connect to his various weapons, acting as a holder at times. A small power generate can be attached, the armor being a transfer point as items are plugged in for recharge. The armor would not blow up if a power line was hit, it would just not work. Some panels in the armor contain built in security measures: can deliver a shock to a target if they try to touch it, a poison gas or liquid is projected at target, etc... The armor is also flame retardant and negates electrical attacks, the energy traving over the armor and away from him. The surface of the material is also reflective, allowing for the current day laser blasts to be deflected away from him. Although this may seem powerful, continual hits on the armor will cause it to degrade, the reflective layer and the armor becoming damaged, thus needing repair.There is also a utility belt and a specialized carrying case on his back.

Gauntlets(also apart of armor set): Left arm- contains a high pressure cartridge setup that can fire various darts, needles, blades, etc. It can not fire bullets or heavier projectiles. In this gauntlet is a data entry port for storing information as well as a data entry module he uses for hacking. The module doesn't out right Hacks systems, but it assists him, helping him keep one step ahead when aquiring information. Right Arm- Houses a built in tazer unit. two rod like extensions come out, delivering a high level voltage shock to incompasitate the target. Inside each rod is a small dart attached to a coil. Rod tips open and these are fired at a target, attaching, then shocks them... its a tazer! Each gauntlet is also equipped with a different kind of scanner, one being thermal, the other a radar/sonar type. These scanners have a limited range. They can be enhanced through adapters or linked into larger systems.

Spray Stick: Using a Stohkli Spray stick, Edmond has modified one, making it smaller and slightly lighter weight. The spray when fired first appears as a mist, but forms together creating a net like object upon contact. This substance is extremely sticky. Lightsabers can not cut through it as the mist will reform around it. It travels rather quickly when fired. Can only hold two cartridges at a time before reload is needed.

Vibro blade- its a vibrating dagger thing, typical star wars item.

Hand guns: Because of the advancement of ballistic yechnology, Edmond carries two dual hand guns. Projectile based, they are semi-automatic, and can fire several differnt rounds- explosive, chemical, armor piercing, Flechettes.

Knowledge: Edmond's deadliest weapon is his brain. He is extremely well versed in both chemistry and mechanical design and repair. This has allowed him to devise up many different weapons,defenses, gases, toxins and poisons, antidotes, traps, adhesives, etc. over the years, making him a very dangerous opponent. Many of the toxins Edmond uses are organic in nature, coming from the wildlife that exists, making them easy to obtain. Edmonds real strenght is chemical weapons, but has aquired a good size database of schematics and mechanical designs. Being a quick learner, he uses these to make his "toys". It should be noted that as the character progresses in the chat, he will gain more knowledge, there by making this part more realistic.

Traps: Edmond likes his traps, and loves when his opponent falls for them. Each trap takes a bit of time to set up, needing concealment or special modification depending on the target and the area in which the trap is set. His most elaborate... not to mention expensive trap is Grav-trap. Utilizing polarization and magnetic technology, the trap can increase the gravity around it to 8 times normal. At this level, not even a wookie could escape. This trap can be dangerous to any subject as its effect is immediate and immobolizes them. (only has 3 of these)

Stun Trap: A flat panel placed on the ground, it delivers a high voltage electrical attack. This attack can vary in strength depending on how it is set. Both traps can be controlled either by remote from a distance, or by being connected, even left on so there effect is immediate. These traps are surprising energy effecient as well, utilizing minimal amounts of power concidering there task. (currently has 4)

Droid weapons: Rather insidious inventions, Edmond has used the droid technology of the day to create some very unique weapons. Orb: A floating silver orb that is slightly larger than a soft ball, this orc contains 4 weapons- High voltage tazer, laser cutter/scalpel, buzz saw, and injection needle. This floating droid has limited cognative abilities and does only what it is programmed to do. Typically, Edmond will program in a specific mission for the droid to follow. Upon completion the droid will return to him. The droid can be controlled by remote.

His Ship: Edmond flys a decomissioned Corellian military cruiser/freighter (this is the reason for the mass of weapons). When it was in service, this class of vessel was used for strafing runs and to provide cover for ground troops while deploying and picking up. Like all Corellian ships, his was extremely adaptably, fitting his every need. Through a lot of effort, and credits, Edmond restored the ship to its former status, adding in its weapon systems with upgrades and a slight upgrade in armor as well. The most unique feature of this ship is its manueverability. The cockpit has been moved farther back towards the center of the ship, and has been gyro-stabalized, moving independently from the rest of the ship in its own rotational setup. It can be best described as a sphere inside a sphere, the cockpit in its own contained unit. This technology was stolen from a Military installation before Edmond was convicted of murder (see history), and he later aquired it. Ironically, this stolen technology was meant for this series of ship. With this setup, Edmond can pull extreme maneuvers without feeling the additional pressure of G-forces and inertia, a unique monitoring and specialized computer systems allow him to fly the ship with relative ease. This extreme maneuvering can put strain on the ship at times when in at atmosphere or gravity well, but Edmond isn't worried, as he can out manuever most. In space there is no gravity, and inertial forces don't apply, making the ship even harder to hit. The hyper drive has a class 1 rating now thanks to his modifications, and its sublight speed is fairly impressive as well.

Weapons of the ship: Concussive missle launchers , both fore and aft (magazine of 5 missles each), capable of tracking a target. Twin forward firing heavy blaster cannons are found on the nose, having a 180 degree swing radius, while each wing contains a small array of missle launchers (magazine holding 3 missles each). On the top part of each wing and the rear of the ship are rotating turrets designed for targeting and dealing with fighters(these can also control the missle systems in there area). As apart of the original ship design, these turrets can be retracted into the top of the wings. Each weapon system can be controlled from the cockpit via a targeting computer and/or linked together, but accuracy is significantly reduced. The ship itself has a special coating on it designed to defer ship and station scanners, making the ship either invisible, or nothing more than a small blip(this is the same technology used on IRL stealth jets). Internally, Edmond has remodeled the ship, now having a holding area for his bounties, utilizing retraint systems, grav couches/chambers as well as automated defenses. One will also find a cargo bay where his speeder is stored. There are 2 escape pods, his personal quarters, a small laboratory/repair shop, and varios storage areas through out. His ship is slave rigged, so it only responds to his commands. The sensors to the ship are top of the line, detecting just about anything. The ship also has a top of the line jamming sweet and infilitrator system. This system allows him to hack into a spaceport computer and either mask his presence as he enter an area, or to alter records so he can that much sneakier. Edmond has a droid who runs about the ship performing maintenace.

Edmond does have a personal fighter, but it is currently in a secured location as a back up vehicle.

The following list of weapons/equipment is standard equipment that Edmond has aquired from stores, weapons shop, military surplus store, or shady dealer that are around. He stores these items as well as the rest of the previously mentioned in various safe houses and his ship. This is equipment anyone can purchase:

Scanning equipment, microbinoculars, breathe mask/gas mask, medical equipment and medical scanners, stun cuffs, communications equipment, bollas, machine gun, vibro weapons, micro tracers, stun nets, Shock sticks(cattle prob), grenades and explosives of varying strength.

Background: If he can't do it, no one can. Raised on Corellia, the man known as "Edmond Drake" joined the military, becoming one of many elite soldiers in the ranks. After many years of training, service, and risky missions, "Edmond" became a member of an elite special task force unit. For all intents and purposes, this unit was above even the government at times, performing tasks not yet told. Being part of this unit, all previous records of his existence were erased, making him a ghost to the system and allowing him the ability to move freely and unnoticed. While on a mission to elimate a specific target, it proved to be a setup and "Edmond" was framed for murder and high treason. His own unit was turned against him, they, along with the Corellian Police went on a man hunt, looking for "Edmond". Unfortunately for the authorities who tried to apprehend him, they failed, he was just to well trained. Having no record of the man he was, he was also untraceable and thanks to his own stealth, he was able to ellude them. Leaving Corellia he had few options: hide on some back water planet, or put his skills to work, cuz that was all he knew. Thus began the tale of this Bounty Hunter, or as he prefers it a "Free Agent". Willing to works for just about anyone, he doesn't ask questions, just tell him who and where and he'll do the rest.

To keep his true identity secret, yet while still having some kind of life, he has used his skills to create a new life as a shop keeper named... Edmond Drake. This front allows him some financial gain and a back up place to hide.

The Ship: