Name: Cyrus

Age: 10

Affiliation: Maverick Hunters

Maverick Hunter Unit: Special #0 Class Unit

Primary Weapon: Thermetic Claws

Physical Description:

Sky Blue Armor, Retractable Mask and eye shield for flight, retractable Claws, retractable Wings.


Primary: Thermetic Claws- On each hand, Cyrus has specialized claws that can be retracted in and out over his regular fingers. The claws are made of extremely refined metal, nearly unbreakable. Utilizing the same Plasma Blast energy in his blasters, this energy is redirect into Cyrus's claws, creating an energy like shielding. In this state, the claws are similiar to that of a Beam weapon, allowing for a more damaging strike. Utilizing a minor charge ability, Cyrus can slash outward, sending out this plasma energy similiar to a regular blast, only claw shaped. When fully charged, Cyrus can use the claws to deflect some attacks.

Built into each hand is a standard blaster cannon. These cannons can fire a fairly steady stream of shots. No charge blasts, used primarily for cover fire and distraction.

Secondary: Double ended Beam Glaive- Standard glaive weapon, used for close combat fighting. Blades on both sides utilize the same technology as the Thermetic claws, the exception being that the blades are composed of energy.

Special Ability:

Wings- Cyrus has a pair of energy wings upon his back that allow for extreme flight and high speed travel. With these Cyrus can stay aloft for any amount of time. The wings only lose energy upon being struck. Through some odd means of techno babble, the wings seem to generate there own lift/thrust.

Boosters- The boosters in his feet generate more thrust than normal for flight purposes. When used for ground assualt, less that desired results occur do to the high speed. In the air he can boost up to speeds exceeding Mach 2.5 for a good cruise, while having near instantious thrust on the ground for lightening, and extremely dangerous attacks.

Shield- Using his wings, Cyrus can cover himself over in a protective shield. Mosts blasts can be deflect, however special boss attacks or higher level attacks in general tend to knock out most of the energy in them, preventing further use of the shield. Cyrus can use both his Claws and wings together to make a slightly stronger shield... but not by much.


Cyrus's primary funtions are Reconnaissance and Defense. As a Recon-Hunter, Cyrus has one of the most advanced sensory suites today. A combination of medical, sonar, radar, and infrared thermal technology, nothing escapes Cyrus's watchful eye's and ears. Combing his sensor systems together, he also has a very elaborate communications systems and jamming suite. During battle, Cyrus soars above the battle field, relaying communications, anaylzing data and advising his allies. An adapt flyer, he also sees that no one decides to divebomb his friends while they deal with the ground threat. As a Defensive-Hunter, Cyrus tends to get on the frontline of combat, protecting the Maverick Hunter forces as they advance forward, forsaking his own safety. These selfish action, and willingness to go behind enemy lines for information, have earned him a place in the #0 Unit.


Cyrus is fun loving, active person with a need for speed. He's only truly happen when flying at 30,000 feet going Mach 2. He loves the air, and doesn't like to come down. Dedicated to the Hunter cause, Cyrus will remain with his fellow hunters on the battle field, never leaving a man behind. If a retreat is in effect, he stays till the end. He's the first one on, and the last one off. Also during battle, Cyrus not only flys about observing, but harrasses both enemies ground and air forces, using a combination of bombing tactics and strafing runs. Every now and again Cyrus likes to come down to earth and join in the fighting, letting his close combat skills be of some help.


After the destruction of Lumine, a prototype of his body was found, however it was incomplete and possessed no memory. Using this body, scientist at the Maverick Hunter Headquarts went to work redesigning, constructing and building a new soldier for there ranks. The end result was Cyrus, a high flying ninja battle warrior ready for combat.