Name: Zero

Affilition: Special #0 Unit Hunters, Unit Commander

Primary Weapon: Z-Saber

Saber Styles: Hunters Edge(master), Nightmare's End(Master), Way of the Metool(intermediate), Buster Blade(Under redevelopment), Sky Cutter Sword(intermediate)

Created by Dr. Wily during the 21st Century, Zero was born of Dr. Wily's hatred towards Megaman and Dr. Light and his failed creation Bass. Dr. Wily built Zero hoping to destroy Megaman and Bass. Never actually defeating Megaman, Zero mysteriously appeared 100 years in the future as a Maverick. Zero has a very cold exterior, but is always the first to volunteer for a dangerous mission.


Zeros Beam Z-Saber: Zero's main weapon. Stronger than an average Beam Saber, Zero weilds it with extreme ease and accuracy. Extrememly skilled with it, Zero manages all sorts of ninja-like moves. Upon defeating curtain enemies this weapon can be powered up with new and more powerful attacks. This weapon knows no limits...

Z-Buster: A secondary weapon, the Z-Buster can fire off a small but strong energy blast which is very useful for striking enemies at a far distance. The the Z-Buster cannot be charged, it only has a primary fire mode.

Dash Boosters: In each boot Zero has a high power booster that enables him to virtually slide across the ground, spanning distances in a shorter time. These boosters are also used in combination with attacks and jumps, making for quicker and far dealier strikes. Upon defeating curtain enemies, these boosters can be upgraded.

Special Ability: Much like Megaman X, Zero's weapons and skills can be upgraded upon the defeat of a powerful Reploid. As it stands, this is an ability that only Robots created by Dr. Light possess. Zero aquired this ability thanks to the continual scheming and theivery of Dr. Wily.

The History of Zero(as based on the games)

Zero's history is shrouded in mystery and shadow, but through flashbacks and reccuring nightmares, we can see that Zero was created by a partially-bald gentleman with frizzy hair. He was created specifically for the purpose of crushing this individual's arch-rival. He became a Maverick back in the days when Sigma still led the Maverick Hunters. They clashed, and Zero almost beat him when the blue Jewel in his forehead flashed with a "W" and he became distracted for long enough for Sigma to defeat him. Sigma ordered him to be taken to Dr. Cain's lab and studied. Later, he was repaired and eventually joined the Maverick Hunters. When Sigma went Maverick, Zero took over as their leader.


When X tries to confront Vile, Zero intervenes and saves X's hide. Vile retreats and they split up, Zero opting to find Sigma's fortress. When he finds it, he and X assault the citadel. When X is confronted by Vile again, Zero intervenes. He loses and is captured. Then, after a breif bout between the armor-riding Vile and X, Zero breaks his bonds and nobly self-destructs, destroying the armored walker. When X finishes off Vile, he finds Zero almost dead.


A new group of Mavericks calling themselves the X-Hunters, Serges, Agile, and Violen, collect Zero's parts. They challenge Mega Man X to fight them for the parts. (VERSION 1) X collects some or none of the parts. The X-Hunters storm Dr. Cain's lab and steal back whatever X has collected as well as Zero's control chip. After defeating the X-Hunters, X confronts Sigma, who has ressurected Zero to fight for the Maverick cause. X defeats Zero and then goes after Sigma while Zero destroys the main computer. (VERSION 2) X collects all of Zero's parts and brings them to Dr. Cain's lab. Dr. Cain reactivates Zero, and he dashes to the central computer. Zero destroys a cheap copy of himself, saying, "You should have studied the blueprints closer. There is only one Zero!" Sigma replies, "Wait! I know your secret: You were destined to follow me!" "Maybe so, but I still don't like you!" retorts Zero. He then sends X to face Sigma while he destroys the computer.


Zero and X are given command appointments to different units of Maverick Hunters, Zero leading a special Unit #0. Maverick Hunter H.Q. is attacked by the forces of a new threat in the form of Dr. Doppler, a reploid scientist who helped to neutralize the cause of Maverickism. Zero and X rush back to help defend their base. Zero sweeps up the enemies outside the building and then checks up on X inside, only to find him captured by Mac, a former Maverick Hunter who joined Doppler's army. He rescues X, then tells him to be more careful. Together, they assault Doppler's army, only to find that Dr. Doppler is merely a puppet who has been corrupted by Sigma, whose true form is revealed to be a virus. (VERSION 1) Zero damages his power generator, leaving X to face the remaining threats alone. (VERSION 2) Zero is injured in Doppler's fortress, fighting a bee-like contraption. He passes his Beam Saber to X. In either of these versions, Dr. Doppler absorbs the Sigma virus and self-destructs, both to atone for his crimes and to finish off Sigma once and for all. (VERSION 3) Zero and X assault Doppler's fortress, and ultimately Sigma's hideout. Zero loads an anti-Sigma program into his Beam Saber and Sigma is defeated.


Zero has a reccuring nightmare about his creator and the slaughter of innocent people. He awakens to an alarm - Repliforce has occupied the Sky Lagoon, and all Hunters must scramble! At the Sky Lagoon, he finds Magma Dragoon of the 14th Unit. Learning that the Lagoon will soon fall, they escape, only for Zero to find the city below in ruins after it comes crashing down. In the city, he finds Iris and rescues her, much to the gratitude of the Colonel of the Repliforce, who is Iris' brother. A question and answer session between two friends turns ugly when Colonel assumes that Repliforce has already been branded as Mavericks. Back at Maverick Hunter H.Q., Zero learns that Repliforce has started a coup to gain independence for a Reploids-only nation. Iris pleads with him not to fight them, torn between her brother Colonel and Zero, the one she loves. As Zero fights Repliforce, he learns that someone is working behind the scenes, pulling the strings of some Repliforce officials. This someone also offered the traitor Dragoon the chance to fight Zero if he joined Repliforce. Colonel tells Zero to meet him at Memorial Hall. They battle breifly before Iris stops them. Even in the conclusion of this episode, both side refuse to budge in their positions. Repliforce leaves for space, and Zero persues them. He reluctantly battles Colonel and wins. Zero then discovers that Iris has left with Repliforce for their Final Weapon, and he persues. He is then forced to face Iris. She confesses her feelings for him, and he, fond of her too, laments that he was unable to prevent this. He fights General, and discovers that the pupet master behind the MH-Replifoce war was none other than Sigma! His past as a Maverick is revealed, and he destroys Sigma. General sacrifices himself to stop the weapon from firing on Earth, and Zero ponders wether it is the fate of all Reploids to become Mavericks. Zero is later shocked when X asks him to "take care of him" should X ever go Maverick. He dismisses the question, himself uneasy in facing that possibility.