Name: SkyDive

Age: 25

Race: Human

History: All he knows is that he lost his memory and he doesn't care about his past now. He just wants to have fun and fly around on his board.


Nanotec Armor- Armor consists of some metal plating. Within these metal plates and within SkyDive is a veritable army of nanites. These nanites heal any all wounds and repair the armor at good speed. These nanites also refortify SkyDive's body by giving him an increase in strength, speed, and agility making him a better fighter, able to compete with Reploids. The nanites have also made it so that SkyDive feels significantly less pain when he is injured, there by giving him increased stamina so he can continue to fight. Thanks to the nanites, the armor that SkyDive wears can take a decent amount of damage. Most electrical, energy, and magnetic based attacks are negated. The Nanotec armor also allows for survival in conditions most humans find intolerable; He has a higher tolorence for heat and cold, and can handle sudden changes well. Finally, the nanites have also allowed SkyDive to directly connect and interact with computers, proccess mass amounts of information, and learn at an accelerated rate. The armor itself can also form various spike like appendages that act as data entry parts, meaning he can interface with computers and other machines.

Nanite Bond- The armor that SkyDive wears when initially created was a a prototype, SkyDive being the first to wear it. An unforseen side effect was how the nanites bonded to SkyDive. Because nanites can exist on a cellular, and molecular level, they have totally bonded with him, being unable to be used on any other person except those of his bloodline. SkyDive can not be seperated from these nanites either.

Staff- The nanites create for SkyDive a highly versitle and extrememly dense staff weapon that has varying abilities:
  • Energy glaive- This glaive can be formed into varying shapes. This energy can also be channeled outwards as an energy blast.
  • Harpoon- through manipulation of the nanites, the ends of the staff can form into varying shaped points.
  • Data Access- can be used to access computer systems by means of the nanites.

    Shield- Through reverse energy generation, the Armor can generate an energy field to protect SkyDive form external attacks of any kind. This shield has limited use and can not be sustained indefinetly. This shield is most effective against hand to hand combat and some saber strikes. Energy blasts take a much larger toll on the shield.

    Grappling wire- The armor can generate an extremely long and thin monofiliment wire that SkyDive can use for either climbing, restraining an enemy or unrully individual, or be fired at a high rate of speed at a target; once attached, a large electrical impulse is sent at the target... much like a tazer.

    Face Plate- The armor creates a face plate for SkyDive. To all outward appearences, it seems harmless, internally however is a different story. The nanites allow SkyDive to see in any range of light(extemely bright to no light) and in varying frequencies (infrared, thermal, ultraviolet, motion, sonic, etc.). The reason for this is the extremely adaptable nature of the nanites and there abilitly to grow and improve upon themselves and SkyDive. Combined with this, SkyDive's other sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing have also increased significantly.

    Sword- Seperate from the Nanotec Armor, the sword SkyDive carries is composed of refined vibranium metal. This metal has unique sonic properties that allow the sword to vibrate at a frequency that is beyond the plane of natural existence. In essence the sword exists in another dimension, yet can ironically, allow it to effect and interact with things here in this plane. Because of its sonic/vibrating nature, the sword can cut through almsot any material known thus far; Beam weapons can stop the blade during striking, much like two swords would when they meet. When in active use, the sword seems to appear as a shaft of light, the faint outline of the sword just visible. When not in use, SkyDive stores this on his back, the nanites holding it in place. Only SkyDive can detach the sword.

    Sky Board- Another piece seperate from the armor, it is unique item to SkyDive. This board appears much like a board used by sky divers save its over all thickness and varying design. The board is equipped with anti-gravity generates that allow it to remain off the ground at all times. This anti-grav field also creates a shield of sorts that protects the board from all attacks, making it invulnerable to damage (note: SkyDive can not use this board as a shield), as well as having unique flight properties that are down right mind-boggling. The board also has an array of micro-fusion thrusters that allow SkyDive to fly around at amazing speeds. The board can reach speeds upwards of 400 MPH with SkyDive on it. Being that gravity is of no problem, and thanks to the protective nature of the armor, SkyDive can perform arial stunts that would make an average person pass out from extreme pressure and tolerances. SkyDive has amazing control and skill with the board. He can bring it to a dead stop from traveling at top speed. Maximum elevation reached thus far with the board is 30,000 feet. When not in use, the board folds in half and stores on SkyDives back in a pair of holders. The board can only be detached by SkyDive as the nanites bond with the Board to keep it in place and maintain it.