Name: Niccolo Erciye
Age: Unknown, estimated to be at 1,000 years old
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Currently Unknown Organization

Phyiscal Description: 6'2", semi-muscular build ( Jim Caviezel )

Weapons: Through his various connections and dealings over the years as a broker, Niccolo has acquired a vast wealth of weapons. Being an arms dealer, he has access to near any weapon known to man, however he keeps a select few for himself

Sonic Resonance Disk: A small hand held attachment that can generate varying levels of sound, from a small hum to ear drum popping squeals. Depending on the modulation and frequency settings of this weapon, it can also have varying effects on a persons nervous system, inducing sleep, hypnosis, paranoia, etc. These effects will vary as each person reacts different to sound. Should he match the sound frequency to the frequency of a persons nervous system, he will be able to cause extreme damage to there body, regardless of what measures they take to protect them self. It should be noted that finding this frequency is hard, requiring a gathering of medical data, scanning and a bit of luck. On a higher setting, this weapon can generate a decent sonic blast, causing bruising or breaks, the result depending upon the persons resilience and strength. Can also be used to force/move small objects, this is very limited. Currently, he is trying to find away to deliver a sonic pulse that can disable a person immediately, rendering them unconscious, regardless of the fore mentioning of the nervous system.

Kenetic Energy Shield: A small (small being the size of the back of his hand) disk attached to the back of his hand can generate a kinetic energy shield. The energy is expelled from the device then returns on a feedback loop, creating a 360 degree shield around the wearer. A defensive weapon, it can deflect physical, energy, and projectile based attacks, making the wearer invulnerable. The shield itself can also be fragmented, projected in specific directions. When set correctly, the shield can become reflective, attacks being returned and/or reflected away from the shield. On an offensive end, the shield can be projected outwards in either a single, or in an omni-directional pattern, creating a battering ram like effect. The shield itself is self sustaining, the energy source seeming to need very little recharge due to Drawback: If the wearer chooses to use an offensive attack, the shield must be lowered.

Neural Mask: Devices protects and cloaks minds from telepaths, a tool found more and more often these days.

Resources/knowledge base: Due to his extreme age, Niccolo has studied and attained a wealth of knowledge over many subjects, giving him an above genius level intellect. Some areas of study are: Archeology, Genetics, Weapons Technology, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-engineering,

Special Skills: Talented hand to hand combatant, swords man

Powers: Immortal due to magic means. Although he can wounded, wounds heal at an incredible rate. Severe trauma and body wounds take longer to heal.

History (summerized): Born a slave to a middle eastern Sheik, his master found the fabled fountain of youth. Drinking from it, he decided he wanted to keep his royal court as his slaves for all time, so they drank from it as well, Niccolo being one of them. After a time, Niccolo earned his freedom, and moving to Europe, he sought an education. Through out the years he played the various stock markets, bought and sold real estate, invested and such, and accumulated a vast fortune. This trend continued, and combined with his growing knowledge, he purchased various business, be it financial, scientific, or otherwise. Through his purchases over the years, as well as his dealings, he acquired a vast networks of contacts

Utilizing his network and resources, Niccolo became a broker. Buying, selling, and arranging deals between various clients.