Name: Thomas DeLane

Codename: Fulcrum

Age: 24

The son of Rachel and Steven DeLane. The three of them were in a car accident. His parents... didn't survive. He watched the whole scene from the back seat. In his panic his mutation took effect. His father, much like you, was sent skyward through the roof of the car... and he never came down. Once their car collided with the oncoming vehicle, his mother managed to stagger out. She watched her husband go through the roof, and she knew it was her son. His mother panicked. As Thomas crawled out he pleaded to her that he didn't do it. Then... she was crushed. Her body seemed to just compress into the ground, creating a crater right there upon itself. ((Imagine an industrial pile driver on a human.)) ... and thus he ran away from there. Present day: He wandered the streets, and using his powers, he tries to atone for

5'8", 150 lbs. Dark hair. On the top of each wrist are glass, blue like ovals that have grown from him. Another one can be found on his chest.

Thomas has the abiltity to control and alter the center of gravity of an object or person. By shifting this center, he can move objects in any direction. If he moves the center of gravity away quickly, objects accelerate at amazing speeds. With practice he can move multiple objects, split a center of gravity there by allowing for strain on the physical matter allow himself and others to fly...

A unique trait of his ability is to link two centers of gravity together, using himself as the center balance point or "Fulcrum". Example: The Hulk is going nuts... again, and is rampaging in the city. Taking a hold of the Hulks center of gravity, Thomas can link it to, lets say a skyscrapers center of gravity. As the Hulk tries to move away from his position, he will find it near impossible as he is now bound to the center of gravity for the skyscraper, an object that is pretty heavy and huge. The downside to this is that concidering the Hulks uncalcualted strength, and the shear mass of him and the building, this will create massive strain and trauma to Thomas, tearing at his own body as he has to balance the two. Assuming HE DID do this scenerio, he would suffer extensive internal injuries, teraring of muscles, and possibly even death.

At THE HIGHEST point of his powers, he could concivably alter and control the center gravity of entire planets, stars, etc, causing mass damage.... but for RP's sake this won't be happening.

As previously mentioned, Thomas has 3 blue like ovals that have grown from him on the upper side of his wrists and chest. These "gems" are focal points for his "gravity" manipulating powers. As he uses his powers, they glow. These gems are extremely durable, and near shatterproof. Should they break however, Thomas will lose control of his powers. One of two situations will occur. 1) His own center of gravity will expand, forcing objects to push away. Why? An objects center of gravity is proportianal to its mass. Should his center expand, it will collide with adjacent centers of gravity, forcing their objects to move as if being hit by another mass. This expansion is rapid, violent, and uncontrolled. 2) His center of gravity will collapes. This scenerio is extremely deadly as it creates a vortex effect. As his center of gravity collapses, it will begin to draw in other objects, very much like a black hole.... but no wheres near as big. Objects will collect and collide around this collapsed gravity well until it has reached critical mass, meaning the outter reaches of the gravity pull are covered with objects, allowing for no more objects to be effected. At this point the mass becomes moveable and can be altered as if it was an other object, the collapesed center inverting to perminetly hold all the snagged objects to it.