Name: Damon Sokol
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Ethnic background: Irish, Italian, Scottish, French, German, Swedish, English, Russian
Physical description: dirty blonde hair roughly 1.5 inches in length, semi-muscular build.


*It should be noted that Damon does not utilize nor has he used a majority of these abilities. Due to the inabsorbatent amount of energy he produces, these abilities can overwhelm and not only destroy Damons target, but himself as well. Psionic backlash will be devistating, if not fatal to Damon. Damon spends 90% of his time attempting to contain and carefully syphon off the mass amount of energy. Should his attention waver even slightly, the energy Damon contains will eminate outwards from him, typically manifesting in a form of blue fire that coats everything around him. The flame does not burn unless he wants them too.

*When any psychic or psionic based individual comes within the general area of Damon, they will feel a "psionic vortex" as he is pulling mass psionic energy to him. It is unknown if Damon can "feed" directly from another psychic as of the moment, however based on abilites this is highly plausable.


Damon Sokol was born in Connecticut to your typical average family. He led a simple life, almost idealic. As he grew though, Damon was always plagued by nightmares. Unknown to him, he was psionically linking to those around him, and continually pulled in their thoughts on a subconcious level. This level of psychic interaction took its tole on Damons mind. One night at the age of 17, while he slept, he was again tormented by a nightmare. Letting out an ear piercing scream, his body unleashed a massive psionic wave of destructive force, creating an explosion. The explosion destroyed the upper level of his parents house... and sadly killing them in the process. Waking suddenly, Damon was presented with the ruins that was his room. Struggling through the wreckage, he made his way to his parents room only to find their mangled and shattered corpses. Luckily though, his sister was spared, she having stayed the night at a friends. Fear taking over, Damon fled knowing that should be found he would be hunted down... maybe even killed. As far as he was concerned, he was a monter. Living on the road for a while, he stayed in the shadows, and through unconcious efforts, used his psionic abiltities to stay hidden. He carefully watched out for his sister as she stayed with a foster family, visiting her on occassion to make sure all was well.

Living on his own, Damon made a life for himself as a thief and an informant. Eventually, Damon made his way to Boston, leaving his sister behind knowning that she was safer. His talents didn't go unnoticed, and eventually became a member of the Syndicate. Soon, he was partnered with Abigail Robinson, the Wind Dancer.

A successful team, they became the top team for the Sydicate; if a job needed to be done, they could do it. For the Syndicate though, this wouldn't be the case as Abby left, leaving Damon to pick up the pieces. With her dissapearance a great deal of pressure came onto Damon from Raz, having to perform dangerous missions he would rather not do. As successful as he was at his job, Raz wanted more. To achieve this goal, he forced Damon to find Abby and bring her back. Damon refused, knowing for a fact that Abby was happy and leading a better life.

Raz wasn't without his tricks though, and found the perfect means to convince Damon to search Abby out. Damons 12 year old sister Tatiana was taken hostage and held in an undesclosed location. Damon was inraged by this, and threatened to annihalate the mind of everyone within the Synidcate till she was found. Upon entering Raz's mind, he saw the image of his sister, bruised beaten and broke, restrained... and under heavy guard. Pulling back from Raz's mind, Raz only laughed. Going to his desk, Raz sat back in his chair and pulled out a special receiver. One whisper and Tatiana dies. Backed into a corner, Damon had no choice and sought Abby out. Thankfully though, the Syndicate didn't have Damon followed, as his powers at the time would alert him to it.

After only a month of searching, he found Abby at the mansion and approached her. This encounter didn't go well, Damon failing to convince her to return. In a vain attempt to bring her back, he entered her mind and forcible destroyed her control over her power. Then, without word he left. Returning the Syndicate, Damon reported that he had headn't found Abby. Thus leaving again, he continued to search, periodically checking in to make sure that his sister was safe. At this time, Damon was searching for his sister, going under the guise of a rival mercenary from the split branch of the Syndicate. This only helped to send the Syndicate into further chaos.

Having no luck in finding his sister, Damon returned... only to find Raz dead and Abbey having taken over. Enraged, Damon killed those she left in charge and began an mass internal search for anything he could find left behind by Raz. He found what he was looking for... his sister. But he didn't find her alive. Upon his death, word quickly flew through the organization that Raz died... and quickly fell on the ears of Tatianas guards. Taking this as there queue, they beat her again, raped, strangled, and final burned to death... not a happy ending that Damon was hoping for. He had killed his own parents when he was 17, and now, with his absensce, he had let his former partner kill his sister. Having nothing left, Damon took control of both branches, seeking to restore the organization. However, Damons heart was never in it to begin with, and didn't try very hard to lead the organization. For all intents and purposes, Damon had given up on life.

Eventually, trouble ensued, Damon found himself face to face with Abby, her goal to take down the Synidicate. Damon knew he had the power to destroy her mind, but seeing her again he knew he couldn't do it. For all intents and purpose she was his only family left... and he couldn't bare seeing her die at his hand. Thus, he let his guard and his powers down, and let her shoot him. Broken, the building then collapsed on Damon... his life ended...

... or so it seemed.

For Damon though, his powers wouldn't let him die. His psionic abilties turned inwards and protected his body, staving off death. His mind however had suffered great truama, and in an attempt to save it, was shunted from his body into the mind of an old man who was only a block away from the explosion. However, this psychic trauma was to much for the old man, and again, in an attempt to save himself, Damon jumped bodies again. This continued for a while, but each time, taking a tole on Damons psyche. Eventually, he forgot who he was, his true self becoming supressed. As this happened, his emotions took over, and his pains in life turned to a hatred. Eventaully though Damon stopped jumping, and became trapped in the mind of a young mutant named Calean. While here, he presented himself as the malovent Cyrus, bent on creating as much trouble and pain for others.