Physical Description:
athletic build, short blonde hair, caucasian

Pure blood sorcerer


American born, trained in US, then transfered to Hogwarts in 6th year. Private family tutoring.

English, French, Latin, Aremaic

Craft Specialties:
- High level of talent in creation and understanding of magical items. A trait found throughout his bloodline. This has allowed magical items to be passed down through the generations, negating most effects found with items (Ex: wands only work better for specific people)

- Alchemy and Transmutation

- Magical Forgery(Metal Smithing)

Magic Specialties and Skills:
- Wandless casting of spells, charms, enchantments, etc.

- Rune spells and magic

- Exceptional skill in transformation spells

- Metamorphmagus

- talented in multiple areas of magic as is required to be an Auror

Wand- Fragmented. Wood type unknonw, core is that of a Griffins claw. Hundreds of years ago, a sorcerer in his family was able to break apart a wand and work the pieces into a set of gloves. The gloves then become the wand basically. These gloves are passed on from generation to generation, each generation the gloves reshaping to fit there bearer. Due to there unique nature, it is extremely difficult for another witch or wizard to use these gloves for casting.

Glasses- wire frame, square rim, transparent lenses. To most they would seem innocent, however they have been enchanted to see what can not be seen. (Basically Moody's eye ball, only not an eye.) Can see behind, through walls, and through spells meant to decieve. The glasses also can perceive auras, allowing him to determine a persons intentions; this requires additional knowledge in training so that one can understand each aura.


Aggression purple, Anger red, Bitterness brown, Compassion pink, Confusion - colors shift, and are mottled, Conservatism lavender, Daydreaming - colors flicker sharply, Depression gray, Desire - deep red, Lieing - black veins in aura, Distrust - light green, Envy - dark green, Excitement violet, Fear orange, Frenzy - colors ripple, Generosity rose, Happiness vermilion, Hatred black, Idealism yellow, Innocence white, Love blue, Lust - deep red, Magic-user - multicolored sparkles in aura, Obsession green, Psychosis - colors swirl, Rage crimson, Sadness silver, Serenity - light blue, Spirituality gold, Suspicion - dark blue, Vampirism - appripriate color is pale

Born in American, Tridian discovered his magical abilities at an early age. While playing at home one day with his toy trucks in a smal sandbox built by his father. As he did so, he began to draw random shapes in the sand around one of the trucks. Upon touching the last symbol with his hand, the shapes he drew began to glow, and so did the truck, and in the blink of an eye, the truck had mangled and changed shape. Seeing this, his parents knew he possessed magic... he was no squib. Thus, he was sent off to school.