Name: Malik
Age: 30
Race: Human
Affiliation: Druid


Malik is one of several Weretoka Druids to emerge since the rise of evil upon the world. Growing up along side Desperado, he chose to follow the Way of Multani, learning the ways of nature.

Malik was always a humble person, never one to worry about conflict, nor get to involved in the life of others. Rather quiet, he was always known as a well mannered individual. This isn't to say he wasn't helpful though. Contrary to his silent and semi-withdrawn nature, he was never above helping those in need and going up against evil should it have to be stopped.

By following the Path of Multani, Malik was taugh the ways of nature and the natural world: Plants, animals, the elements. Unlike his kin who followed the Way of Strength and of Spirit, Malik has no shape changing abilities. He instead relies upon his own own natural skills and that of his magic. To be a true master in the ways of Multani takes many years of studt and experience. Even the most basic of skills require years up years of focus and hard work. Fate would have it that Evil would rise up to plague the world. Knowing this couldn't be allowed,Malik decided it best to join his breathren in the field of battle, despite his lack of training. Taking with him his tomes and what gifts he had, he set out into the world, ready to end the chaos that now threatens it.

  • Aidan: Traveling with Malik is his long time friend and ally Aidan, a Falcon. Swift, loyal, and powerful, Aidan is never far from Maliks side.

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