Played By: SHAFT


Name: Mateo _________

Alias: Desperado, Mariachi

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190

Eyes: Where brown, now yellow

Hair: black

Age: 34

Species: Lycan

History: Desperado was born in the massive forest of Drudicia, to the Druid temple known as Weretoka. Having a hearty and peaceful youth, Desperado was fascinated by the Shamans of his tribe, learning all he could of there magical ways. Upon reaching the age of 11, Desperado was given the choice to join and learn under one of three Druid Clans: The way of Spirit, The Way of Strength, or The Way of Multani. Finding benefit in all, he eventually chose the way of Spirit. Under this school of teaching, each Shaman who studied this would be destined to become a werewolf. Although many found this a curse, the Weretoka found this a great blessing, being given the chance to become one with the wolf, one of there most sacred animals of worship. To the Weretoka, the wolf symboilized the ultimate in spiritual essense. On his 13th brithday, Desperado went before his Shaman teacher, and was given the first gift: The touch of the Wolf. From this point on Desperado was a werewolf. As the years passed, he studied hard, learning all he could from his teachers. At the age of 23 he began his final trials. Succeeding, he became a shaman, and as tradition, he passed on his knowledge to the next generation. But life would not stay peaceful forever. While out on a vision quest with his former teachers and several students, they were set upon by a rabble of demons. Fighting a long and dangerous battle, the demons were vanquised, but at a terrible price... all but Desperado were slain. Going to his former teachers side, as well as that of the students, he watched and helped them to transcend, to become with the spirit world. AS the process began, Desperado took up his former teachers sword. Upon doing so he was overwhelmed by many spirits and visions. At this point his teacher spoke to him, telling him that with this sword, and with the acceptance of the spirits, Desperado was now the Lord of all Wolves, and leader of the Clan of The Way of the Spirit. Feeling indebted to his fallen breathren, he accepted this honor, and return to his Clan and home, telling all of what happened. Time moved yet again, and the world became a darker place. The ancient texts of the Weretoka foretold of a time of great peril, the end of all things. It was thus decided that it was time for the Three Clans of the Weretoak to venture forth from the world, and see that evil would be vanquished, and both nature and the spirit realm was safe.


Basic Skill: A master swords man, he is also an extremely talented fighter in hand to hand combat. Also highly skilled in knife throwing knives, highly unusual when he misses a target.

Sword: Plaga De Lupo- Wolfs Bane. A sword specifically designed to kill Werewolves. Any Werewolf who touches it will instantly ignite in to flames, and there soul will be absorbed by the sword. Any Wolf who is cut by the blade will experience searing pain and the wound made would be courterized from heat. Also grants the carrier of the sword Ethereal Fire, however this is a technique that takes a lot time of time to access and control. The souls housed within the sword are controlled by the weilder of the sword. Imbued on the sword are hidden runes that can create a powerful protective shield. The runes can power the shield for a limited time, however by infusing it with his energies, more particularly his Ethereal Fire, or a wolf spirit, the shiled becomes immensly strong and powerful.

Busqueda: Busqueda, spanish meaning "to search". Busqueda is an enchanted knife that can detect any being other than human (Vampire, werewolf, Succubis, etc.). The blade can be used to track as well. Its abilities only work for the bearer if it is passed on to the them, not taken. The blade can also prevent, stop, or revert the transformation of any werewolf. It will also protect the bearer of the blade should they become threatened. When used in conjuction with the Sword, it can be used to create various summoning, enchanting, or de-spelling abilities.

Form Shift Energy: When changing form a human to werewolf, his body generates more energy to power his transformations and abilities. Staving off his transformations, Desperado is able to redirect and use this energy for other tasks. On such ability that has emerged has been a Kenetic Punch. By focusing this energy, he channels it to his fist. Upon striking his target, the energy is released and sent forward. On a solid block of stone, it is strong enough to shatter and blow it apart, reducing it to rubble. On a human or other creature... well, it would hurt like hell to say the least. This energy is also utilized by his Ethereal Flame abilities...

Ethereal Fire: Controlled by his thoughts, the fire glows a brilliant blue and is fueled by Desperados emotions and intentions. With the sword this ablitity is enhanced. The flames will cause burn damage only if Desperado wants them too. Being ethereal, these flames can be as potent as hellfire when fully charged. These flames negate the effects of any other flame that would hit him, and offers some protection against explosion (only explosive force and shrapel would be felt.) Desperado is also capable of throwing the fire in several different forms. When the fire comes in contact with something it will stick to it and burn. Being that the fire is Ethereal, it has an effect on Wraith like lifeforms. It also cannot be controlled by others as it is an extention of Desperado's being. By a simple thought, he can increase the heat of his flames, as well as there level of brightness. Another ability that he has with his flames is the capability to infuse it with wolf spirits, thereby making it more intense and powerful on all levels.

When he summons his flames, they first begin to grow inside him as a form of energy. Pushing outwards, he controls this formless energy, and can ignite his flames away from his body. This occurs instantly, igniting whatever the flames touch. Whether for offense, defense, or for every day use, this ablity is extremely versitle.

Nova Bomb:

By channeling his flames, he compresses them together, the flames taking on the appearance of a point of light about the size of a golf ball. Infusing his own energies into this ball, he can throw it forward at extremely high speed. As it travels, it leaves behind a streak of light. Upon hitting its target, the ball explodes with great force, destroying what ever it hits. Basically put, this tiny ball of fire is a bomb. Depending on hom much energy and fire he has combined, it will vary in strength, but the results are always explosive to say the least. In addition to this, he can infuse this fire ball with a wolf spirit, giving it a will of its own. This turns the fire ball into a heat seeker, following its target till it strikes. Desperado can control the power of this ball, giving it varying levels of strength.

Flame Torrent: AS he covers his body with ethereal fire, Mateo can summon spirits, having them spiral around him. Mixing with the flames, he projects them outwards, creating a spiralling tornado of intense fire and feral spirit energy, hell bent on destroying its target.

Dire Spirits: Can summon the spirits of both wolves and werewolves that will do his bidding. this also allows him to save a wolf/werewolfs spirit upon death so that it is no longer damned. These spirits are within Desperado and his sword and can not be removed as they are bound to him. He is also capable of using the spirits for other tasks. By infusing a spirit with a piece of his essence, he can use the wolf as a messenger, or give it more knowledge than it already contained. By absorbing with a spirit, his sense become enhanced to see, hear, feel, smell other beings on various planes of existence (sees other spirits, wraiths, demons, phantoms, etc). Once the spirit is expelled, he is then able to find the unknown spirit, wraith, etc, again with his regular senses. He can also use the Spirits to illuminate these other beings should no once be able to scense them. Through his magic, he can bring these spirits back to a corporal form, be it wolf or werewolf. Possessing whatever strength they had when they were alive, they are now immune to the effects of silver. This is because they are already dead. Upon taking sufficient damage the spirit will vanish, returnin back to Desperado.

Additionally, these spirits can infuse Desperado with there essense, giving him more strength and power. As they are spirits, they can also enter other beings. The results of this will vary depending on what Desperado wishes the spirit to do. These spirits can strengthening a persons body, aleaviate the effects of a curse, or negate them, or at times heal specific kinds of wounds.. Eventually, the spirit will be drained and will leave the individual; if it does not, it will fade from existence. Another ability of the spirits is a form of spiritual communication between Desperado and the person the spirit has entered. Upon entering the person, the spirit guides the individual to a different realm(which is actually not another realm at all, but Desperados very soul), where they can meet with Desperado. Time here is limitless, and most find that once they leave, only a few seconds has pasted in the real world.

Chronomancy Protection- Spirits are immortal, they exist outside of normal time and space. This has given them the ability to protect Desperado should he be the victim of a time spell, protecting him in there most powerful form. Being Bonded to his spirit, he can continue to command them, seeing all that happens as he is frozen in time. In this instance, the spirits are at there most powerful and can overwhelm nearly any foe.

Spike Gun: A special designed spike launcher. To all outward appearences it would look like a small shotgun. Contained within the handle are explosive packets similiar to a shotgun round. These are fed upwards via a spring ans metal panel that loads them one at a time. The Silver spike is dropped in through the end of the barrel, and pulled back into place by a high tention spring, which is controlled by an outside hand grip. Once locked, the spring and plate moves one cartridge into place. The main combustion chamber of the gun is reinforced steel, refined many times over to prevent the gun from exploding. Once fired, the explosive force fires the spike, additional force is added from the tension already on the spike via the high tension spring. The fired spike has enough force to knock a werewolf over at full charge and either tear through it, or should it get stuck in the wolf, pin it down. Reload time is a little painful though, takes a lot strength to reset the spring.

Claws: His werewolf claws are acceptionally sharp, able to rend through many types of armor and stone. His claws act as a focusing point, allowing him to throw out claw shaped blasts of energy at his opponent. To add to the already deadly nature of the claws,

Teeth: Being a werewolf, Desperados jaws are now lined with razor sharp teeth, stronger than his claws. Having a bite force of 3,000 lbs, he can crush nearly anything. Unique to his bite is the ability to control whether or not he infects a person with the lycanthrope virus. As an alternative, Desperados salive acts as a toxin, causing an extremely disorienting effect and draining effect on those he bites.

Massive Form: His body is massive, dwarfing those around him. He can easily cradle a full grown human in his arms. His ability to heal, his strength, speed, all are greatly enhanced, very few can match him in this form.


Human: Looks as normal as any human, however his senses are extremely hightened. Strength, speed, and agility are also much stronger. Can easily match any transformed werewolf in this form.

Lord Shift: As he continues to fight in human form, his body will attempt to shift to that of a werewolf. This transformation is halted due to the sword. However, his body will increase in general mass and height, his facial features harder looking, more chiseled out, making him stronger, faster and more agile, his senses remaining the same. His body is also capable of generating a continual blaze of Ethereal Fire around him, having no connection to his emotions as they normally would. This is due to the Form Shift Energy that his body continually generates, trying to force him to a werewolf form. This energy is typically redirected to his Ethereal Flames, giving him an unlimited source of energy to tap into. This form can be held for a great deal of time, how long is unknown; upon returning to his normal human form, he will be slightly drained, as if he had just run a marathon. Should he use the Form Shift Energy in this form to enhance him physically, it will not transform him, however it will strenghten all aspects of his body. The problem in doing this is that his mind, his sense of awareness will become lost as he starts to operate on instinct. This is when he becomes the most dangerous to those around him as he will become reckless in attacking his target.

Werewolf: Height: 11 feet. Easily five times stronger, faster, smarter, than any werewolf, his scenses are also extremely sharp. IN this form Desperado can utilize all of his fire based abilities. Oddly, his sword seems to vanish, as does his clothes. As a werewolf, Desperado gains a new range of attacks:

Wolf: In this form he is larger than an average wolf, looking rather intimidating. Extremely fast, he can reach speeds that just exceed 100 MPH. His coat is multicolored- Greys, blacks, whites, and browns. His eyes are a deep yellow.

Spirit Wolf: By absorbing some of the wolf souls that he possess, his body shifts to a 14 foot tall, very massive werewolf that is composed/covered entirely in Ethereal Flames. The sword becomes a large light extention of the hand and can not be seperated until the transofrmation ends. This form is immensly strong, fast, HOT, and powerful. It is unknown how his other ablities are effect by this form, but can be safely assumed that they are enhanced greatly. Upon reverting back to human or werewolf form, Desperado will pass out from physical exhaustion, taking a day to recover his strength.

Wolf Lord: Desperado inherited the title of Wolf Lord from his clan, placing him above all other Werewolves. With this title, he is automatically respected... and feared by all wolves and werewolves. He can command them without question. All his normal werewolf abilities are enhanced as well (Speed, strenght, scense, healing). This title also allows him to be in full control in all forms as well. All though silver is still a threat, it is signifcantly reduced, only causing a slight burning pain in the area of contact. Once the silver is removed, the wound will heal. As the Wolf Lord he is more than a match for any demonic force, vampire, and can sustain himself well in a battle against many opponents.

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