Name: Genevieve Brinley
  Age: 24
  Height: 6'
  Weight: A girl never tells
  Origin: Mutation
  Archetype: Blaster
Electrical Manipulation Energy Manipulation Power Pools
Charged Bolt Power Thrust Hover Swift

Lightning Bolt

Bone Smasher Flight Health
Ball lightning Total Focus Stamina
Short Circuit Build Up  
Zapp   Stealth Teleport Friend
Tesla Cage   Invisibility
Thunderous Blast   Phase Shift  

Genevieve Brinley like so many heroes was born in Paragon City. Growing up in Eastgate (now called the Hollows). Gen lived a good life; loving parents, a wonderful sister who she did everything with, even a family pet. Life to say the least was good. Gens father Michael was an employee of Crey Industries, working in a top secret armor research division who's work was an off shoot originally done by Raymond Keyes, A.K.A., Positron. Her mother Susan was a physicist employed by Portal Corp. Well taken care of, Gen and her sister Grace had little to worry about.

Growing up Gen was in awe of the heroes of Paragon. She would sit for hours looking to the skies, watching them fly over, even begging her parents to take them to the other cities so she could see them there. She never had any real aspirations to be a hero, at the very least she just wanted to fly. At the age of 15 Gen and her sister were out shopping, and on their way home from the local shopping center they were jumped and pulled into an alley way by a petty thug. Brandishing a gun he demanded what money and jewelry they had. Her fist clenched Gen refused and in his anger the thug back handed her. Falling to the ground she watched as the thug moved on to deal with Amy, and yelling no, Gen threw out her hand as if to stop him. Instead, something different occurred. A surge of energy coursed through Gen and from her hand shot a bolt of electricity, wounding and shocking the man. Startled, he carefully watched Gen as she got up, a line of electricity traveling up her arm. Doing the only thing he could think of he fired his gun, hitting Gen in the side, and thus ran off. Falling to her knees as her hand grasped her side, she collapsed over and into her sisters arms. As the world started to fade and a tear rolled down her cheek, she said her last good by to Grace. Only, it wasn't the end. A warm, soothing green light over took them both. Like Gen, Grace too had developed a gift, the ability to heal. Generating the green light from her body, Grace healed Gen, saving her. Life for the Brinley sisters would never be the same again.

Despite the near death experience, both Gen and Grace were excited about their powers, and upon getting home they couldn't wait to tell there parents. Apprehensive at first, Michael and Susan embraced their daughters gifts, and encouraged them to learn them, but above all else to use them wisely and responsibly. Keeping their powers a secret within the family, the sisters devoted every free moment to training and developing their powers. Gens electrical abilities became strong, and she discovered that she could manipulate the energy in her body to create some rather explosive results in melee combat. Along with her healing, Grace seemed to have inherited the same electrical ability that Gen had. This though, wasn't enough for Gen. She aspired to be more. Like the heroes of Paragon City, she wanted to help others, to fight the good fight and save those in need. After surprisingly little work, Gen convinced Grace of her plan. Thus began the heroic career of Sparks and Saving Grace.

It didn't take long for the two to become noticed in the public eye. After stopping several Hellion gangs and a thwarting several murders at the hands of the Vahzilok, their pictures appeared in the Paragon Times. The cat out of the bag, they received a fair scolding from there parents. Defiant as ever Gen refused to do as her parents said, and swore to continue on in her work. Grace too supported her in this. Knowing the conviction of there children, Michael decided that if he couldn't stop them, then he would do his best to help his children, ensure that they had a better chance of surviving on the street. Setting to work and investing his personal time at work, he developed a pair of lightweight armored suits for his daughters, strong enough to deflect bullets and protect them from a variety of attacks they might face. Being an employee of Crey Industries Weapons R&D devision, he had access to the parts he needed, I.E., a new design of the Crey Powertank suit and "aquired" Malta equipment. Still against the idea, Susan gruntingly took the next step, and took her daughters to register with the government as recognized super beings. Now officially sanctioned as heroes, the girls once more took the street, fighting crime and developing their powers.

For a time it seemed that they were a success, almost invincible. Then it happened. The world as Gen knew it changed forever. In late 2000 the Trolls struck Eastgate a death blow. Planting a series of bombs along the sewer system, the Trolls not only destroyed a series of Eastgate condo's, but the unknown tunnel system beneath caused a catastrophic collapse of the region. For the first time in her life Gen knew what horror and pain was. At the time Gen and Grace sat upon the roof their of there home, stretched out and relaxing just outside there bedroom window as they had done so many times before, dreaming and reminiscing of their battles, what adventures awaited them. The two couldn't help but entertain the thought of working one day with the Freedom Phalanx. Soon enough though the peace was shattered as the neighborhood began to shudder, the sound of subterranean explosions echoing about. One by one like domino's the houses fell, sinking into the ground; and before they knew it so did their home. Looking to her sister with dread in her eyes, Gen grabbed for her... but it was to late. The house sank into the earth as a massive cloud of dust enveloped the world. Covering herself and huddling into a ball, all Gen could think of was that it was all over.

Floating. That's what it felt like. Death was like floating. No... she wasn't dead, she knew it. Opening her eyes Gen looked around, but nothing but a thick cloud of brown was about her. Perhaps this was death in the end then. As the dust settled and her vision cleared, Gen could see the world take shape before her. Her home... her family... everything she gave a damn about... it was all gone. Looking down she... she was flying. Hovering the air she could feel a tingle of electricity about her, her powers creating a kind of static field that held her aloft. A deep, heavy pit formed in her stomach as she began to cry in the air. Why was she spared? Why couldn't she be buried in the earth like her family... like her sister. It wasn't fair. Trying as best she could, she slowly hovered down to the earth, and touching down she collapsed into a heap, sobbing and clawing at the earth, desperate to find and take back what she knew was long gone.

Slow to respond to the disaster, it took the Paragon Police and it's heroes some time to find Gen amongst the rubble. Gen was taken to a shelter and was soon identified as Sparks. Heart broken and defeated by what occurred, she withdrew into herself, closing off the outside world. One night while she slept, she dreamt. Dreamt of times with her family, dreamt of the hard fought battles her and her sister fought. Above all that though, she dreamt of a promise and a pact she made with Grace; No matter what happened, no matter what occurred, they would fight on. The world needed them. Despite the pain and the hardship, someone had to do it. Awaking the next day to tears in her eyes, she knew that Grace would be ashamed of her right now, just sitting there crying. Steeling her resolve she got up, and leaving the shelter she set out to do what she had to do... to be a hero.

Ever the smart man, Gens father had stored a second suit of armor in a storage depo in Galaxy City. Retrieving it she resumed her life of fighting crime. After several months of working up the courage, she returned to Eastgate, now called the Hollows, she joined the heroes there and aided in the rescue and recovery efforts as well as joined the fight against the trolls as a Troll Task Force Member. Filled with a vengeance she fought hard and valiantly, facing off against the ilk of Paragon City... against any who would dare threaten her home and fellow man. Over the next several years Sparks traveled from city to city, dealing with Tsoo, Clockwork, Circle of Thorns, the various gangs, giant monsters, and even traveling to other dimensions. Her work earned her many honors and medals, each accepted humbly. For Gen, who at this point insisted on being called Sparks, this wasn't enough. Beyond all the fighting and skills she had developed, she wanted to know more. Thus, she dedicated some of her efforts to learning about the history of the city, of its heroes, and about all that occurred. After a time even her efforts were noticed by the famed Freedom Phalanx. Grateful for her work she was made an honorary Reserve Member, an honor that filled Sparks with pride and tears, a dream that her and Grace shared fulfilled. Soon she was called upon by the Phalanx, and working with them she performed mission after mission, earning herself the title of Task Force Commander.

On May 23, 2003 the Rikti War began. In 24 hours the Rikti had decimated the worlds forces, countless hero's had died valiantly defending all they could. Sparks herself heeded the call, and flying into action she took to the sky's, unleashing all the power she had. Hour after hour passed and as fatigue set in she still fought on, doing all in her electrical might she could to halt the ever advancing horde of Rikti. Each hero that Sparks watched fall was a stab in her heart, yet gave her the strength to keep fighting, no matter what the odds. For six months the war went on, and Sparks stayed the course, never once leaving the front lines or her fellow comrades in the Freedom Phalanx. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Science, in November of 2004 a potential weakness was found with the Rikti that might end the war. Without a second thought she joined her fellow heroes, becoming a member of Alpha Team, lead by Statesman himself. If there was ever a time to not be afraid, this was it. The fate of the world depended on this very offensive. Making her peace and saying a prayer, Sparks again went into battle, hoping that Alpha team could buy Omega team enough time to succeed in there mission to stop the Rikti.

Thus the battle raged. Out of the 50 member Omega Team, only one hero survived to tell the tale. With Omega Teams sacrifice, the heroes succeeded and the Rikti offensive was halted. But it was not without great sacrifice. Not only did Omega team perish, but 800 of the 1,000 heroes that comprised Alpha Team also fell. It was a bitter, cold victory. Sparks herself barely survived the battle, she herself concidering herself to be the 801st casualty.. As hard as she fought, she was beaten, her mind savaged and raped to pieces by a Rikti Mentalist. Her powers, the very knowledge to use them had all but been stripped away from her. Her mind was barely able to hold onto what memories she had. It would take a long, long time for her mind to settle and heal. For some, the Rikti War would still continue despite a hard earned victory. The years ahead would prove to be some of the hardest for Sparks. As before she spiraled into depression, sinking back within herself as the realization that the one thing that gave her purpose was stripped away. Watching the world go by as it tried to heal its war torn wounds, Sparks realized that now she wasn't needed, that in the end she had done what she set out to do. Thus it was that in November 2004, Sparks had died. Perished, along with so many other heroes.

With those thoughts in mind, Sparks relocated herself to Galaxy City, taking up residence in a small apartment not far from Freedom Corp. Many a long day she spent staring out her window as the heroes came and went from the building, always a longing in her heart as she wished she could join them, to fly again into battle and fight the good fight. Perhaps fate had more in store for Genevieve Brinley. As she stared out her window one day a knock came upon her door. Wiping her eyes of what tears where there she went to it and opened it. Taken aback, she was amazed to see several of her former allies standing there. Inviting them in they all circled about her as she sat, each one telling her of how they missed her, how they wanted her to come back. Stubborn, she fought them, telling them that Sparks wasn't a hero anymore... that she died. Her words though fell on deaf ears and her former allies would... her friends, refused to hear it. After long discussion and heart felt words, they finally convinced her to try again, to not give up. Thus packing what belongs she needed, she left her apartment and joined Freedom Corp in the hopes of being rehabilitated.

Knowing how stubborn she was, her friends saw to it that she was "retrained" under the supervision of Back Alley Brawler. She was assigned to a training squad who went by the name of Howling Stormreavers. Here, with the 'reavers, she began her training anew. The road was long and hard for Sparks, many battles fought and lost. Her training soon took her back to the Hollows as the squad was assigned to assist Detective Wincott of the PPD. This would prove to be Sparks greatest obstacle as she was forced to relieve her worst fears again, face the horrors that took her family from her. Thanks to the support of her fellow squad mates and Back Alley Brawler, Gen faced her inner demons and continued on. As her powers and skill grew, Sparks moved on, and leaving her training squad she took to the sky's again, regaining her gift of flight. Fillied with a renewed sense of justice and life, Sparks became the hero she once was, rising back through the ranks and eventually retaking her place as Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member and Task Force Commander. Ever the hero Sparks battled countless foes, from the lowest outcasts to the might Hamidon itself.

As Sparks fought her many battles, she eventually found herself working with the United Heroes Brigade, an orginization of Heroes who's goals matched her own. Together Sparks and the UHB worked tirelessly to keep Paragon City safe. Entually though, life for both Sparks and the UHB wouldn't be so easy, and Sparks greatest nightmare would return. Like the storm that fell before, the Rikti returned to Paragon City. The re-invasion by the Rikti left a cold, dark chill in Sparks body and soul, thoughts and fears of a repeat of the past running through her mind. Apprehensive, Sparks knew that she could not run, she had to face this and stop the Rikti once more. Buckling down and faced her fears head on, she reinvented herself and her equipment. The Rikti invasion had turned Sparks cold and remorseless, filling her with a desire for revenge against the Rikti. She swore that this time, those she loved would not fall to the hands of these other worldly monsters. To full fill her vow, she took the fight to the Rikti personally, taking a more hands on approach to her battle tactics as she focused on her powers to manipulate the energy within her (PvP blapper build).