Name: Petros Spiridon
Age: 50
Creed: Strength and honor
Affiliation: Guild - Master of the Forge
Description: 6'4", 200lbs. Black hair with some gray (think Russel Crowe from Gladiator people)
    History: Raised in Greece, but spending much time in Italy, Petros was always fascinated by the greek gods, feeling that Christianity was a false religion and the Greeks had it right all along. Spending many years in study and prayer to the ancient gods of olympus, he learned of there ways, magic, and teaching. One of his main goals was to collect a mystical set known as the "Olympian Armor". Upon the downfall of the ancient greeks, the armor was scattered. It was said that the armor was enchanted, each separate piece containing a different ability imbued upon it by a different god. As it stands, he has collect more than half of the set. His travels have taken him to Romania. Coming across the guild, he sought employment there, hoping that his skills may serve there cause, and he may teach those around him. He is now currently the Guild Master of Forge.
    Weapons: Primary: Armor of the Gods/Olympian Armor
History of the Armor
Upon the downfall of the ancient greeks, the armor was scattered. It was said that the armor was enchanted, each separate piece containing a different ability imbued upon it by a different god. As it stands, he has collect more than half of the set.
Each rune below has a unique magical property inherent to them. Typically, runes are limited in power, and require a great power source behind them to make them stronger. In this case, these runes were imbued by various Gods, this gave the runes a source of power very few items have. This power is contained within the runes. Depending on the combination of runes used, they can have varying effects.

~~The Runes~~
  Fehu Meaning: Karma, achieving a goal
Power: Increase chance of success
  Uruz Meaning: Energy, Passion, Strength of will.
Power: Increases energy or strengthens the will, grants the ability of lightning
  Thurisaz Meaning: Hardship, knowledge, meditation, self-discipline
Power: Increased focus and concentration
  Ansuz Meaning: Leadership, clairvoyance, balance of mind & body, help in divination and magic.
Power: Foresight, increase physical and mental balance
  radio Meaning: Change, destiny, protection for travellers, quest, progress
Power: Protection from outside unseen forces
  Kenaz Meaning: Torch, wisdom, insight, inspiration, dispelling anxiety and fear, solving a problem
Power: Grants the ability of fire, cleanses the mind and soul, wisdom
  Gebo Meaning: Strengthen, fertility, connection between two people
Power: Increase physical strength, brief mental connection
  Wunjo Meaning: Achieving a goal, success in endeavors, reward, joy, bliss, stability
Power: Increases chance of success, better physical balance
  Hagalaz Meaning: Hail, destruction, disaster, remove unwanted influence, breaking destructive patterns
Power: Intense cold, increase chance of stopping attacks
  Nauthiz Meaning: Need, necessity, hardship, responsibility, discontent, obstacle, frustration
Power: Ability to see a problem with clarity and ease
  Isa Meaning: Ice, inactivity, blockage, stagnation, potential, patience, reflection, withdrawal, rest, to stop a process; to represent a primal form
Power: Ice manipulation
  Jera Meaning: Change, cycle turning, motion, productivity, to bring change, for fertility and growth
Power: Encourages growth, repair and healing
  Eihwaz Meaning: Confrontation of fears, death, transformation, to ease a life transition
Power: Eases passing of a soul , shield unwanted forces upon death
  Perth Meaning: Magic, divination, prophecy, enhancing psychic and physical abilities
Power: Foresight, enhancement of abilities
  Algiz Meaning: Wind, protection, defense, warning, support
Power: Wind manipulation, Increased defense, shield
  Sowulo Meaning: Sun, positive energy, increase, power, health
Power: Heat and Fire manipulation
  Tyr Meaning: Discipline, self-sacrifice, the warrior path, protection, victory, strength, strengthening the will, healing a wound
Power: Increase in all physical abilities and defense, unbreakable will
  Berkana Meaning: Health, healing (especially infections), achieving conception
Power: Healing wounds
  Ehwaz Meaning: transportation, motion, energy, power, to 'send' a spell
Power: Increase speed, both physical and magic casting
  Laguz Meaning: Water, enhancing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilizing mental or emotional disorders, uncovering hidden things
Power: Water manipulation, discovery and mental balance
  Inguz Meaning: fertility, farming, growth, general health, balance
Power: Plant and Earth manipulation
  Dagaz Meaning: happiness, success, activity, a fulfilling lifestyle, satisfaction
Power: Increases the minds positive nature and outlook
  Othila Meaning: property, land, inheritance, home, permanence, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging
Power: Increase Durability

~~The Armor~~

Each piece of the armor grants two types of abilities:

  Active: These abilities require a conscious effort for the bearer to use. Ex: Back Plate- Tornado Shield; the wearer must concentrate on this piece of armor and summon forth the tornado.
Passive: These abilities are constantly active, there power always effecting the wearer, granting there enhancement. No concentration is required.
Helm Runes: Kenaz, Ansuz, Thurisaz, Dagaz, Perth, Nauthiz
Active: Foresight of events and attacks.
unbreakable concentration and focus.
Back Plate Runes: Algiz, Tyr, Radio, Othila
Power: Active: Creates a Tornado like shield.
Unable to be snuck up on by any attack, constant awareness .
Front Plate Runes: Tyr, Perth, Berkana, Othila
Power: Active: Self-healing, extreme strength boost
Enhanced natural physical strength.
L. Shoulder Runes: Gebo, Hagalz, Nauthiz
Power: Active: Creates an arctic blast that coats the target causing frost bite Passive: Strength and Clarity
R. Shoulder Runes: Wunjo, Ehwaz
Power: Active: Balances a soul during death so they may pass to the after life safely thereby saving them from Torment or dispels unwanted spiritual influence.
Shields from intrusion into the soul
L. Upper Arm

Runes: Radio, Berkana, Othila
Power: Active: Creates a shield of energy to protect from any attack
Passive: Increase in stamina and defense

R. Upper Arm Runes: Perth, Inguz, Berkana, Jera
Power: Active: Healing of both plant and humans, summon plant creature.
Passive: Reinforced Immunity to poisons and toxins.
L. Gauntlet Runes: Uruz, Kenaz, Eihwaz, Berkana
Power: Active: Create a blast of fire, summon Fire Spirit
Passive: Immunity to fire
R. Gauntlet Runes: Isa, Laguz, Gebo
Power:Active: Ice Shards, Freezing Punch, Underground Ice attack, limited water manipulation
Immunity to Ice and water
L. Upper Leg Runes: Ehwaz, Perth, Radio
Power: Passive: Increase Agility and Speed, stronger attacks
R. Upper Leg Runes: Sowulo, Gebo
Power: Active: Inferno Kick, Super Jump
L. Shin Guard Runes: Hagalaz, Uruz
Power: Active: Generate intense cold field,
R. Shin Guard

Runes: Ehwaz, Uruz, Algiz
Active: Increased physical speed
Power: Passive: Increased magic casting rate

~~The Weapons~~
Much like the Armor, each Weapon is imbued with runes. These runes bestow unique properties onto the weapon, having there own special attacks and or abilities. Attacks can only be used one at a time.
Sword Runes: Passive: Active:
Fehu, Somulo, Othila, Perth, Wunjo, Kenaz
Accuracy and Durability- When used, the bearer has a higher chance of striking his target. The blade itself is reinforced, harder to break.
Fire Slash- Swings blade through the air sending a stream of fire with it.
Heat Blade- Blade glows brightly with extreme heat, slicing through most materials. Pulling power from Somulo, the light of the blade can be harmful to Vampires.

Runes: Passive: Active:

Kenaz, Isa, Hagalaz, Othila, Wunjo (discovered through research)
Unknown, possibly ice based abilities as indicated by runes.



Tyr, Inguz, Othila, Isa, Radio, Wunjo, Uruz
Unbreakable- The Axe is indestructible, with standing any attack or magic. Very slight increase in accuracy.
Earth Shake- Slamming the Axe hard into the ground, a massive crack/chasm/hole... opens towards its target. this slam sends out shockwave like effects to unbalance its target... and anyone around.
Interrupt Strike: Using a unique shield attack, when swung, any attack is halted, or redirected around the bearer.

Shield Runes: Passive: Active:
Unknown at this time, existence discovered through research.
Thors Hammer

During his travels to acquire the pieces of the armor set, Petros obtained the Hammer of Thor, or Mjollnir. The Hammer is unbreakable and contains many magical abilities and properties, most of which Petros has yet to discover. Because of its magic nature, the Hammer is extremely useful for forging. Any metal it is used upon is made several times stronger that it could be. In the hands of an Alchemist it can create stronger enchantments/imbuement's. Currently, Petros is learning how to use the hammer to reforge the runes that are upon his armor... he has had limited success. The hammer posses the basic abilities of lightning and wind.

Current Abilities of Mjollnir:
Magic Seal- Can seal a room or area behind a protective shield
Revelation Cast- Shows any magical seals or hidden areas
Lightning Strike- Hammer strike that generates massive lighting attack
Thunder Strike- Hammer Strike that generates massive sonic shockwave. This shockwave can do extreme damage. Can also be disorienting to those with heightened senses.

One Unique Trait of the Olympian Armor is the relationship between armor and weapon, as well as the relationship between the armor pieces. The active abilities of the armor and weapons can be mixed together to create new attacks. Although this may seem contradictory to the original statement of "only one attack maybe used at a time" it is indeed not. The melding of two abilities or attacks create one singular, yet more powerful attack. At this point, the rule now applies where only one attack maybe used at a time.

~~Combination Attacks~~


Sword Combos:
  Helm Heated Strike- Increases flame ability, creating a sword made of intense heat, blade length increases. Sword is unbreakable in this form.
Back Plate Fire Spin- Sends forth a large tornado composed of intense flames with a slash of the blade, burning all in its path
Front Plate Explosive Strike- Upon hitting its target, massive fireballs/explosion erupt and surround the foe... or area of striking
L. Shoulder Shattered Rains- Scalding hot blast of water that does extreme damage to flesh and plant, thick cloud of steam from attack creates quick cover
R. Shoulder Soul Burn- Strike becomes ethereal, causing extreme fire damage to otherworldly foes not bound by the mortal plane. On a living being it causes massive trauma, but no outright physical damage.
L. Upper Arm Fire Shield- Sword becomes a wall of flame, a barrier, protecting from all fire, water, and ice attacks, electrical attacks are slowed.
R. Upper Arm Lave Flow- Waves of intense, molten earth rise up and generate outwards at the opponent.
L. Gauntlet Summon Chimera- From the swirling flames that form around him, a Chimera leaps forth, covered in flames, its body having the hind quarters of lion, the front of a tiger, wings of a dragon, the tip of its tail a cobra, and two heads, one a tiger the other a dragon. The dragon can breathe fire.
R. Gauntlet Geyser Blast- Striking into the ground, intensely hot geysers erupt around the area with great force and speed.
L. Upper Leg Dervish- Petros spins around like a Tornado at a blinding pace. As he moves forward, his blade outwards, striking continually as he spins. The blade utilizes either of its original attacks
R. Upper Leg Meteor Strike- Sends forth a volley of large fireballs to rain down on his foe. Creates explosions when they hit.
L. Shin Guard Heatwave- Channels a massive wave of heat, steam, and force in all direction in a bubble effect, forcing opponents back, causing minor damage.
R. Shin Guard

Flame of Hephasteus- Increasing its magic, the sword can grant the power of fire to another being for a period of time. Very effective on other weapons. If used on a flame based item or individual, its power is increased several times over.

Halberd Combos: unknown at this time



Axe Combos:

Return Strike- Through manipulation and concentration, Petros Axe meets an oncoming attack, successfully blocking it. Then with the simplest of motion, he swings back quickly, redirecting the energy and force of the persons attack against them along with his own.
  Back Plate
Sand Storm- Opponent is surround by an intense storm of wind and earth, sand and and whatever else it picks up. The swirling mass of earth and such can eviscerate exposed flesh and degrade armor and weapons quickly.
  Front Plate
Shatter- Strike inflicts massive damage upon opponent or obstacle, shatters weapons, armor, doors, and magical barriers with ease (only extremely powerful or weapons with high level enchantments can survive. Uberish barriers would weaken.)
  L. Shoulder
Arctic Strike- intense cold damage and freezes opponent or weapon depending on contact and character strength. If the character isn't frozen, they will feel a slowing effect fall over their being.
  R. Shoulder
Tear of Souls- Becoming Ethereal, the axe has the ability to cast away any spiritual or other-worldly based being while inflicting massive trauma to it with a strike. Upon striking, energy is released outwards like a bubble, forcing all other ghostly/otherworldly presences to back away from the force of it.
  L. Upper Arm
Hand of Zeus- As if calling on the God himself, an Avatar of Zeus appears and protects Petros or his allies from powerful attacks. The avatar encircles the group, protecting from one round of major attacks before fading away.
  R. Upper Arm
Summon Nemean Hulk- From the earth rises up a massive creature of wood and stone, its body covered in various spikes.The head of a lion, arms are like clubs, vines are used like whips. Impervious to Sword and melee weaponry. Axe vanishes from Petros's hands until the creature falls.
  L. Gauntlet
Flame Spiral- Axe swing sends out several disk like fire projectiles in several directions. Intensely hot, they burn up anything in there path... like a hot knife through butter. Boomerang effect.
  R. Gauntlet
Ice Eruption- Slamming the axe down, the ground cracks open, and pillars of sharp ice and stone fly upwards from the ground, some staying stationary, others as projectiles.
  L. Upper Leg
Furried Swipes- The axe splits apart into two, and slamming them down or together, several magical axes leap forth, swiping at the opponent quickly.
  R. Upper Leg
Crashing Doom- Jumping into the air, Petros comes down upon his opponent with great force and speed, the axe blow crushing his opponent with amazing destructive force.
  L. Shin Guard
Shard Blast- Upon striking, ice shards are sent out in all directions at high speed, spearing anything in its path.
R. Shin Guard
Faltering Lands- With a burst of speed, Petros attacks his foe with repeated strikes, each feeling to have the power of an earthquake behind it. If open terrain is struck, shockwave ripples are sent through the ground, tearing up the earth making maneuvering difficult.
Shield Combos: unknown at this time

Mjollnir's Combos: due to the mystical nature of this weapon, the combination attacks are extremely powerful. Petros only uses these in the most dire of circumstances. Each attack takes a physical tole on Petros, a great deal of effort is needed to control such power.
  Helm Eye of Odin- Blessed by the hammer and the wisdom of Odin himself, Petros can perceive any attack, know any weakness, becoming a true threat to his opponent.
Back Plate Wind of the Thunder God- Pointing the hammer forward, a powerful blast of hurricane like winds and streaks of chain lightning spiral together deflecting all incoming attacks and inflicting massive damage to its target.
  Front Plate Restoration- With each strike that is placed upon the hammer by a foe, the energy and power is filtered into Petros, healing him and restoring his strength and mana.
  L. Shoulder With a furious blast of arctic air, Petros's opponent is surrounded by an intense cyclone of ice and bitter cold, the fragments of ice tearing at there flesh and binding to them, holding them in place. Any who come near feel its bitter bite as the cold consumes all it this raging tempests grasp.
  R. Shoulder Might of the Oak- By the grace of the World Tree, Petros can heal the dead, bridging the gap between life and death. returning their soul to the mortal realm and to their body. At the same time, with a simple touch of the hammer to ethereal flesh, a wave of energy is unleashed, and sets all the undead to rest, casting all wraiths and ghosts back to the worlds beyond, never to return.
  L. Upper Arm Odins Grace- A shield of energy surrounds Petros, its shell rippling with electricity. Can causes severe damage upon contact, and can be forced outwards in a bubble in all directions. (This bubble effect is not as strong being that the energy from the shield is spreading out more.)
  R. Upper Arm Roots of the World- Slamming his hammer to the ground, what seems like hundreds of thick, blindingly fast and strong vines and roots break from the ground, grasping and striking at Petros's opponent, there thick barbs eviscerating flesh and delivering deadly poisons.
  R. Upper Arm/L. Gauntlet Call of the Valkyrie- Holding the hammer towards the heavens, a shaft of light is emitted, and calls forth a powerful valkyrie to fight at his side. The Valkyrie is immune to physical attacks and is extremely effect against undead and wraith like beings. The Valkyrie wields a spear and a bow and arrow for weapons.
  L. Gauntlet Fire Giant of Surt- Igniting in intense flames, Petros releases his hammer and brings forth a Fire Giant. 14 feet tall, the giant is not only strong but quick, its molten carapace lighting everything on fire that comes close to it. Wielding a sword of flame and casting fire balls, the beast trudges into battle...
  R. Gauntlet Call of the Ice Age- As if Ragnorak itself has come, Petros slams his hammer down, and an eruption of arctic cold, blistering winds, ice and snow rush forward at his foe; the sudden assault of such forces freezing armor,
  L. Upper Leg The Norns- Falling into prayer, Petros calls forth the Norns, and through there divine power, alter the fate of battle, bringing it into favor for Petros and his allies. Upon there summoning, the Norns surround and attack Petros's foe(s), cursing them and damaging them with...?
  R. Upper Leg Thors Rage- Jumping into the air and throwing the Hammer at the feet of his opponent, the hammer strikes with amazing fury, causing a massive explosion of fire and electricity, blasting away all who are near
  L. Shin Guard Slow of Blood- Casting its magic outwards, a chill befalls the area, and time itself seems to freeze, allowing Petros to move quickly about in battle, gaining precious time to strike at the heart of his foes.
  R. Shin Guard The Hell Forge Hammer- Throwing his hammer out, it ignites with the fury of the Hell itself. Glowing brightly, its intense heat seeming to melt stone and armor, and flying, it strikes at all his foes in succession, following them where ever they go should they try to avoid this fireball of doom...
  ???? The Cry of Odin- With the sounding of thunder and the crash of lighting, ethereal hammers rain down from the heavens, bringing with it the lightning strike after lightning strike. Bright and powerful, these bolts are a truly holy force, causing extra damage to the undead, intense chain lightning damage to his living foes, casting away all wraith-like beings to the abyss beyond. As a bonus, the energy in this attack never harms his allies, but heals them in battle, its great energy restoring life itself.
  ???? The Ascension- With the full set completed, and all the items and their magic's in tuned to each other, the bearer of the armor becomes invincible. His body cast in an other worldly glow, his attacks never fail, all damage he deals is increased 7 fold, and he has access to all of his abilities at will. The bearer of this set has taken there place amongst the Gods themselves.