Alex Karstinof

I am the Sin known as Pride...

I am older than you can fathom...

Demon... yes that is what I am...

Typical walks around with a cane, which is for show. Can can shift to several different forms: Demon, human, mist like wraith to float around and basically annoy people.
items: Cane

By simply being around, it makes everyone feel full of pride. Can read any persons mind to find out what to use against them so they become pride full and over confident.
Can push into a person mind, soul, what have you, and force there feelings around so that pride can grow. This often feels as if a small voice is echoing in there mind. As strong willed as a person may be, it will be very hard to fight it, at the least causing distraction to the individual.
Hellfire abilities.

Unknown. Seemingly shifts its shape between male and female to influence its chosen target better. Upon looking at its face, the person will see whatever would see the face that gives them the most confidence. If it is a loved one, they will not realize it, and assume it is just a coincidence.
Its true form is a unisex demon that has a blank face... when actually looked upon, this appears different to each person who looks on it. The body will either match the head, or become very demon like... naked, spikey, you know how it is with demons.

Pride, one the 7 deadly sins. Solely cares about itself, thinks it's perfect and right, nothing anyone else says matters. Through this it generates this feeling, making everyone around over confident, causing decent and deceit. It lives to cause a person to become blind to failure, only to watch then do it.